Need a Rachel Alucard AV


Like the title says i would like an av of Rachel (from BlazBlue) doing her lightning super and it saying “WhysItFree” (my xbox live gamertag)


If you can find the gif for it then I could help you cause I cant seem to find one.

I cant do them from videos unless I have one saved to my computer.


Ok never mind then cause i was looking for 1 before i made the thread. But its cool then just make whatever you can as long as the gamertag is there. Thx for the response…



Edit: Your inbox was full so…here was the message

here you go.

i must tell you though, i have already made one pretty much exactly like this one for a user that goes by Tross so i figured it’d be a good idea to let you know that his will not only look similar but it was also made by me. just in case ya’ll bump into each other.


Ok thats cool, Im not tryin to win best av on srk lol. Just needed to switch it up a bit. But thx for lettin me know and a big thx for the av. :pleased: