Need a recomendation on a stick for mvc2

hello everyone, i’m gonna be getting back in to marvel and i’m gonna need a stick. Can anyone recommend me some compatible with ps3? thanks

well, you just found the right place!

it just so happens i have one up for sale in CL, and i’ll do $80 shipped in the continental US =)

I have three dual-modded TE sticks (playable on both PS3 and 360) for sale. If interested, PM and provide the state you live in so I can determine shipping costs.

What’s up with all those buttons? I don’t think that stick would be very good for Marvel.

still looking for some, hoping to buy 1 today or tommorow

any good sites to buy a happ stick for the 360? Just can’t play on the japanese sticks & layout…


Shit’s expensive, though.

Anyways, get a stick with HAPP stick and buttons.

Get a MAS. :tup:

sorry for my bad english =(

i don’t find mas’s stick for ps2/ps3. in have?