Need a replacement USB chord

Hello SRK,

As the title says, I need a replacement USB chord for my fightstick. I left it out for my dog to chew right through it.

I was planning on using the one from . The plan was to cut off the back and solder to wires to my PCB just like how the original one was done. Would this work?


yes the same with any other cord with a usb type A end. you might haveone around the house( i have some from old printers and such).
You could also just go to an electronics store if you have one near you and get one today so you dont have to wait.

USB cords arent really special so you dont really need to order online unless it is part of another order.

Just like sikwidit suggested, you can go get one from Frys or Microcenter, heck even RadioShack should have usb cords.

Here is a Repost I gave to someone else

so I am leaving this here.

The idea is to point people with USB cable problems back to instead of typing a whole lot of stiff for a small and common issue. I figure I stick it inside of this thread as its a related issue and this thread already sticked in the lists of Guides and FAQs