Need a room at the Green Valley for Evo?

Hey guys, I booked a room at the Green Valley from Aug 23 - 27. I have 4 spots available. It will cost around $120-125 per person for all 4 nights; with 2 beds, just don’t expect to have a bed all the time :wgrin:

If you’re interested, let me know soon. Thanks!

Dunno about bunking with this dude man. He’ll slip you the finger in your sleep. I mean just look at him.

Don’t mean to bump this, but I can’t go so my brother needs some roommates post haste or he’ll probably cancel in the next couple days.

Damn, I guess Norcal people are on the ball this year with getting rooms on time. Good stuff guys. Too bad for me, Brandon, and Antonio though :sad:

I guess I’m throwing in the towel right now then. Norcal’s going to do great at Evo this year. Good luck!