Need a room to crash in


Some money that was supposed to come through for EVO…surprise!..didn’t. So I had to cancel my room. I’m looking for a last ditch solution that I can afford. Anyone have spare floor space in their room? I’ll throw down some cash just so I have someplace to put my spare clothes, catch a nap on the floor and maybe rinse my ass off once or twice in the shower. Just don’t steal, write on or rape me.


I have a room at the Rio 16-20.
I will be arriving at 3:30pm

PM sent


I appreciate the people that stepped up and tried to help, but I am just not going to go this year. Everything, not just the hotel money, just didn’t line up. Again, thanks for those that stepped up and offered some help. :frowning:

Choi is so lucky I can’t make it to play Pool 9. :wink:

Rep that shit Bay Area! :slight_smile:


Whaaat?! You suck, at least go to Ramins tonight.


Yeah! If I’m allowed I’ll def come by and get some games in.

I was looking up plane tickets and looking at my bank account…and the numbers just don’t work. The lesson here for any other freelance artists in the room is: demand half of the payment up front when accepting a job from a picky client.


sosage you can come. there is no cap today.


Hello sir,
I may be able to help you, if I am interpreting your posts correctly and money is your issue. If you can get to Aptos (10 mins south of Santa Cruz) by 10:00 Thursday morning you can have the last seat in my car and a place in my room at the Rio for free. Although I’m a long retired KS2 member I am glad to help one in need.
Hope this helps, pm or post if you’re interested, and I can give more details.


All good guys. Thanks! I scored some “cheap” tickets and a place to lay my head down. Going to EVO, playing some IV…badly…rooting Team NorCal on and hanging out with some good fucking friends. :slight_smile:


you damn right! see you there baby, call me to meet up

650 483 7710


money can’t keep the pubeybear down!
driiiiiinkvolution!!! come have a few with us : D