Need a Sanwa Square Gate

Yeah. Most requests you guys see are for octagon sanwa gates, but I need me a square one. I ordered my recent custom stick with a octagon gate and am having a tough time with it so I wanted to try my luck with a square gate. I figure a lot of you guys probably have one or three lying around so I thought I’d ask. Please shoot me a price with shipping included. I live in the US and would like to get one of these quick :wgrin:

You probably already know this and are just seeing if someone has a cheaper one for sale but gotta mention just in case that Lizard Lick sells replacement gates.

Be specific, for what kind of stick? The JLF or the JLW TM/UM? Im gonna guess though, if you got a custom it’s a JLF.

It’s a JLF. Sorry about that. And yes, Monte was correct in assuming that I’m a tightwad :wink: I got a offer for $6 shipped so I think I’ll go with that. Thread closed!

I got 4 of these just lying around. I’m not a fan of square gates so if you need one…