Need a short Japanese translation, please


Kennecott Trip 344 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

My lady is working for the national park service in Alaska and needs this translated. Her site is an old mining town called kennecott, which she is doing a CLI on - cultural landscape inventory. It would be wonderful if someone could help out; preserving part of the sites history.

Thanks peeps.


there’s gotta be a better place than SRK for jap translation.


It looks like a grave stone.


Couldn’t recognise one kanji :frowning:


srk isn’t the only place I’m inquiring, but figured it was a practical resource.


it says “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”


I can’t read stylized/sloppy handwriting japanese for shit. all the crap on the stone doesn’t help. I think I sorta recognize a few but yeah, I won’t be able to translate.


have you thought about contacting local college/university japanese language depts? or maybe an asian art museum? if you’re in seattle, just check out the seattle asian art museum or the wing luke asian museum. they might be able to find someone who can translate


shoulda posted in the srk japan thread. they got actual japanese speakers in there.


It probably says something about dragons and destiny. Trust me, I’m a fighting game expert.


SAM didn’t cross my mind, good thought. I’ll drop by UDUB, too.


“If found, please return this paperweight to Masako Koizumi”


Betting odds

"Here lies a dead body."

"Help, I’m trapped in a gravestone factory!"

"I just realized that I’m probably going to be working the 9 to 5 at this gravestone factory until the day I die. At least I’ll get a discount on one."

"I work at this graveyard factory… on the graveyard shift! Hoo hoo! I love life."

"Please lift this thing off of me. It’s very heavy and I’ve been pinned underneath it since 1866."

"Tiny hero inside. Smash open rock in case of emergency."

"Tiny hero inside. Smash open rock in case of tiny emergency."

"Who so Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone, is Rightwise King Born of England."



It talks about the forgotten genie of the ring that was cut out of Disney’s Aladdin went back in time and became first the B-Menace and then, after much soul searching and making Mad Sexy websites, the benevolent entity known as Dr. B.


I asked my friend and he says it says something of that nature.