Need a sig-(TG,Rei,GH&PC)get in here guys

Alright just need a sig for a forum that im registerd to,so any of the pro’s wanna do me this let me know,just use these two pics im about to supply.Thank’s.

And the dimensions are 500x135.

Here’s the second one.
That’s it the rest is up to you.


Ahhh WoG.

can i give it a try:cool:

Are you serious?

forget it then:bluu:

hahah yeah sure go ahead…but just for reference seth,i asked the pro’s for a reason bud,no hard feelings.

i just wanted something to do. thanks for giving me the ok

what name do you want on it

Just my name will do.

Come on TG,rei,Giyga where you people at.?

here you go, let me know if it needs changes:

I’ve been playin KOF all day. I’ll look into it tonight.

Not bad seth…but thanks anyways man,looks cool man.

TG_alright bro thanks,you’re not on msn man,so i had to make this thred.

Oh and one more thing i forgot to mention,i need two with one name of "tonbarry"and one with “Gauro”…and could you try and put them together man.Thanks.

This one is too good.

Yo, Tonbarry, BustKarateDojo is down this evening, because of a hard-drive crash on the server. It will be back up soon.

dang, im not one of the pros…i better get back to my n00btacular techniques… LOL

I gave it a shot. What y’all think?

You may not like it, but I strayed from conventional tag making concepts for this one.

hey TG that is awesome and very original. nice work.


tru3tn01-Hey man that look’s nifty,thank’s for the work.

Rei-Yeah i know man,i just noticed bro,thank’s for the info.

TG-Hey wow a whole differen’t thing that i would expect,i like it man thank’s,but im going to need one more…with another name on it "Gauro’,and if you can make it, have a tech thing going on man,much apreciate what ya’ll are doing,alright tg i’ll check back later on.