Need a simple wooden case, suggestions?


I managed to drop my bag and smash the hell out of my stick for like the third time. I just want to shove it’s guts into a nice wooden case since apparently I’m too accident prone for acrylic. Lots of the builders seem to have gone inactive tho. The only one I can rly find that looks active is foehammer but I was wondering if there were other options available. Any suggestions?


I think Foe Hammer would be your best bet. I have one of those DIY ones sold on Focus Attack a few years ago and it’s top notch. Definitely worth the money spent. Their new cases are even nicer.


@DarkElf if your still interested in a case DM me.


@jonyfraze do you build cases or do you just have one available?


@jonyfraze nvm i found your site =] pming you now


Yea you guys can check out Jonyfraze’s website here:
He makes some really nice stick cases and the prices are really good imo. Btw @jonyfraze, you think you can make a case to fit Jasen’s Customs VLX replacement panels one day?

Foehammer also makes some really nice cases, but I think Jony’s is the more practical budget case.


His Wide case looks like it will fit a VLX panel.


I kinda feel it will too, but I just want to make sure, ya’know?


Hey guys… So the wide body was an attempt to make it fit jasens panel for @JRDIBBS. Jasen was nice enough to send me his measurements as well. However I didn’t have one live to do a final testing so it was a bit off. If someone is willing to send me their panel for me to build around I can 100% make it work. If be willing to waive shipping back to anyone if interested.


Get an old folding chess board and drill some button holes in it


And ruin a good chess board?