Need a solid main


What are the characters with the most solid playstile, defense and damage with a decent speed and much life? Actually I use Hakan, Akuma (not really solid), Balrog, and Blanka, mostly Hakan, but the whole oil up thing is making me sick. I know there are tier lists, and all the characters have their downsides, but I want just some opinions.


Generally I think Ryu is regarded as a really solid, average character.


If you like Hakan, go ahead and stick with Hakan. The following might be encouraging to you:


LoL that was so dirty…


Sounds like you’d be best just going with one of the Shotokan fighters, since you seem like you want an all-around character in general.

Like what DealsWithIt recommended, Ryu is probably your best bet.


Yeah, I know the shotos are really solid, but I find them too average. I put Blanka away from the list and Akuma cause he’s just too fragile. Narcowski, you’re right, maybe I should just use Hakan, but before I would like to know something about Balrog… is he solid?


I don’t know how you haven’t had Balrog suggested yet. He’s a very “simple” character in his design, he hits like a truck right in front of him, and his headbutt makes sure people don’t try to jump over him. His links aren’t impossible but they DO lead to great damage. His walkspeed is fast forward and backward so tickthrows are great.

If you really think it’s time to sit down with a “main” and learn Street Fighter you couldn’t go wrong picking Balrog.


Ok, I’ll just main Balrog. Thanks to everybody for the answers!


Go with hakan, be different imo


Unfortunately the amount of people who “go Hakan” to be different isn’t a small number. The last few people I knew who were new to SF4 (myself included!) attempted to main Hakan. The truth is that Hakan is not a good Street Fighter, which is different from saying he’s a bad character. You -can- win with Hakan and there are some really good ones out there.

But there are also really good Dans, and El Fuertes, and neither of them get a lot of time in the limelight. Nobody says you have to pick a boring character to go far - but if you want to actually start learning fighting games, especially one as solid as SF4, you will do a lot for yourself by picking someone who has a lot of options and solid gameplay. Once you feel confident enough in your own execution to branch out you will come from a different perspective - one that lets you know what not to do as Hakan because as your old main, Balrog, you were punishing this stuff all day.


Lol, I actually just restarted using Hakan, I just prefer him.


Cody and Ryu are pretty good if You ever decide Hakan isn’t doing it for you.


Pick Rog.

Hakan is still a really bad character.


Stick with Hakan, it’s always okay to have a pocket Boxer.


Screw having a main, I’ll just use Akuma, Hakan and Balrog lol.


Blanka VS Ryu
The answer lies in the heart of battle. Hadouken! Hadouken! Hadouken! I try to FADC but fail Hadouken! Hadouken! I jump in and try to combo Shoryuken!!! Dash backwards and it starts again. Knock out!!!
WTF dude, how many time must I spend in training room? Ok, sometime i win… but really, I lose A LOT. Maybe I am just a shitty-lazy player but will I ever be able to win at least one match out of five?


use ken.


I’m a solid man, but only if you can get that shit up.


From now on, I’m going to answer these daily “need help picking main” threads with a simple answer:

Pick Ryu.


because that niggas hand goes on fire

I also agree. There so many of these that end with the same responses I can’t believe no one has a made a “How to pick a SSF4 main” flowchart yet