Need a sparring partner to level up in Marvel- South SD


The title says basically what I need. I am trying to level up, but can’t do so at just tournaments. Anybody interested in playing at random times whenever we are both available, hit me up. I can host.<div><br></div><div>-Jay</div>


There are at least two SD threads in this section.  Are those venues located close to you? 


Where in SD?


@trouble… Yeah I go to salt mines and ttb occasionally, but it’s hard to level up at a tourney.

@PWNX. I live in Oak Park. Lets do this!


You guys don’t play casuals at the salt mines?  Usually if you’re there early, or if the tournament is winding out after top16, there’s plenty of casual stations left.


Yeah, I’m in law school and have a full-time job. I can’t be out all night. My schedule is completely random, so if there is someone who wants to get down get at me.


oak park… that is definitely south. might be free on a weekend or two to go down there to play though