Need a Sparring Partner

So I would like somebody to practice using Storm with online. I’ve been casually using her for years, but now I want to test and learn different approaches and mix-ups. I don’t do this on ranked because I want to play my best on ranked, and forget about finding somebody at my skill level (only ran into two or three after nearly 12 hours) in player matches. I consider myself an intermediate player, so I tried staying away from using a gimped character (Storm’s only gimped in my hands because I suck with her) in the arcades.

Anyway, my Gamertag is Impact0009 (have a laugh at the profile), and I’ll be getting XBL Gold and MvC2 later this evening or tonight. I need to clean out my constantly-full friends list (the people that randomly add you and you wonder how the hell they got your GT in the first place; yeah I know; why did I even accept them in the first place lol), so if you can’t add me, then please leave your gamertag and I’ll add you.

I would like to put some time into Mag also. My mix-up game needs some polish, and I never get into the mindset of using resets. I pretty much just go straight into ROM briefly, then magic series. I can’t really do Tempest combos online, (I can do them fine in the arcade and DC, but not offline on the XB360, not like it matters since players these days mash out of them easily anyway). On that note, it’d be great if you can do a tempest combo on me once in a while so I can practice mashing out of those (only mashed out of a handful in my lifetime), though I doubt that even matters or if it’s even possible online.

Thanks in advance; any effort is much appreciated. The response time (or lack of) on the stick of the Hori EX 2 is bugging the hell out of me, so I need to get used to that first…this may take a while lol. I know I rant a lot; my apologies.