Need a stick, options? EUROPE

Ive been constantly looking for a stick, only website that seem to have anything i want is PLAYASIA and they charge 60 dollars just to ship to me !

so is there any European players out there with sticks?
as a last resort even if i get this are stock parts good enough or will i still need to mod it with a sanwa ?

i currently have the SFAC stick modded with happ, i think i would play better with a ball top and really just want to try the japenese layout

also do not ask me to build as i do not have the equipment to make the casing/box.
ALSO ebay has nothing. :sad:

the first question is: what system are you using the stick for?

I can get you a HRAP3 if you want? We will get some HRAP3-SA also when it is released (Sep. 20th). Also, we have all Sanwa and Seimitsu parts so if you want anything from them just let me know. We ship directly from Tokyo, Japan.
PS: We sold HRAP3 4 days ago so it is no problem.
Got msn?

str[e]ak right now pc, but i would also prefer some sort of PS connectivity, so technically if its just PS i have a pelican convertor.

TheRealNeogeo = sent you msn via pm.


if you’re in no rush, apparently, hori is re-stocking both HRAP1 and HRAP2 in september. i know some sellers are stocking the HRAP1, but i haven’t seen any of them claim they’re going to have the HRAP2.

str[e]ak, any source links ? that would be nice but since they do not have PC connectivity im not sure how good the convertor would work?

Getting a HRAP1/2 with a PC adapter is a good option. I use a 3 in 1 Joybox with my HRAP and it works great. If in doubt, check the controller adapter/compatability thread.

Ye, me,lol. :wgrin::wgrin::wgrin:

i heard the pelican converter works perfectly well with HRAPs on the PC.

and for the hrap1:
though, i think shipping might be a major bitch. i calculated my shipping and it came out to $40-50. and i live in new york. so, it might be hell for you.

for the hrap2:
it says so on the hori website. i read it through google translator.

again, if time isn’t a problem, try to find a custom stick maker.

thanks alot streak, i completley forgot that the HRAP3 will not work on my ps2/ps3 so i wont be able to practice sf3 at all :s
might have to get hrap2

If you don’t mind the slightly different button layout, you can always get the HRAP1.

I’ll be selling a custom stick next week & im from europe

Any pics of the stick?

O man your so lucky to be in Europe. Darren makes the sickest sticks… he has pics of his previous works in his sig.

Here if your too lazy to copy and paste :X

You also got TheRealNeoGeo and Fjod >.<

If only shipping wasnt insane to the US :frowning:

Heh… just as insane to ship from the US :F
Don’t bother with me at the moment, got my hands full for a while.
Hope you get yourself a nice stick though.