Need a taunt button?


I am making a new joystick and was wondering if I am gonna miss out on any sweet vc’s or any other useful tactics (other than mind games) if I don’t have the taunt button easily accessible? Edit: This is more for Alpha 3, but alpha 2 info would be welcome too.


Well unless you’re picking Dan, I really don’t see the need for it. ^_-

However, some taunts “do” damage opponents via A3. I think rolento has one.


cody’s fake stone immediately springs to mind; pretty essential in that regard.
without easy access to your taunt button, you’ll be missing out on some juggle combos: birdie, sakura, akuma. chun Li’s taunt can be used as an anti-air, and also allows for juggle vc resets.


Ryu’s fake fireball as well.

If the question is “will you regret not having taunt”, the answer is:
Yes, if you play Cody/Ryu/Dan you’ll miss having it.


Great, that’s exactly what I was wondering. Thanks guys. Forgot about the fake fireball stuff.