Need a tekken stick modded

Hello, I’m looking to get my ps2 tekken 5 stick modded for the xbox 360.

I have a few questions I’m interested in.

  1. Should I replace any of the parts, and if so, what should I get?
  2. I have a wireless 360 controller, would it be possible to use that in the mod, or should I just use a wired controller.
  3. How much would you charge of course for your services.

I have the ex2 hori stick for my 360 but one of my buttons has gone out, and I’m just wanting to have a higher quality stick then that piece of crap. Thank you in advance.

Alright… well does anyone know anyone I could contact for help?

You’re going to have to wait a bit till next week because of Evo.

im not going to evo so i think i can do the job. i can do all the swapping of parts if its easy.(drops right in) and the pcb is in my thread.