Need a Teknik/Lil Wayne AV


Hey guys, need an av of teknik and lilwayne. I want the picture of teknik to flash first, than switch to the pic of lil wayne, insert any witty phrase you’d like.:rofl:


greatly appreciate it :smiley:


That shit has to be a Premium one.


^You’re fucking right, this is too epic for a mere normal poster, but no one made the thread so I’d also like to request a premium size one :smiley:


WTF. This was my idea!!! But you can have it.


This is DEDICATED TO YOU, you brought the hype for this AV.


:lol: well all i can do now is laugh it off


Hahhaha no man you started this epicness, take it, I just want to see what our av makers can come up with. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

EDIT: Don’t worry Tek, we know Myspace is Serious bidniz, don’t get yo gats. :rofl:


how bout both of u make one and see which one is the funniest. i bet ppl would want that lol


^All contributions welcome :smiley:


aww its on now! weezy wars.


This is the last one, I swear…


ill take it lol


Maxx and BEWD killed it.


Im indian now :bluu: