Need a tite AZZ avatar/image, will pay $$$ for it!

ok bro’s n ho’s

i need a dope ass avatar/image for my personal joystick i’ms a makin

things i’m lookin for are sexy anime bitches, sexy not trailer park trash though

and i would be very interested in a bad asss image of capt commando, sent, n storm

even a bad ass dooly dinosaur representin

SO PLEASE ANY OF YOU that don’t mind doin this hawaiin nigga a favor, hit me up, i will even through in some cash money for your efforts

thanks fro reading

ummm you probably need to post up a size

**I could do it for free if you want. I haven’t made an avatar request thread in a few years, but I think I’m pretty experienced. I can do animation, bordering(by hand), transparency and other stuff. although I’m not “top tier” I think i’m ok at av making.
Sorry these are all the pics I could find:




Sorry, I don’t know what “type” of anime girls you like, there are so many kinds(the hot bad girl, the good girl, the loli, etc)…
what dimensions do you want?
if this is for stick I can give you a template for it if you like.**



:confused: So… when do I get my $$$ for my avatar you’re sporting… dood?

your avatar was tite, i’m borrowing for awhile hope you don’t mind

thanks for the neg rep too, but if you really wanna make me that avatar, serioulsy let me know, thanks bro

Stealing avatars is a no no and a in general dick thing to do.

I would mind.

Take it down.

damn, didn’t think it would be such a big deal, that av of that girl was beatiful by the least, my bag homeboyz!

apology’z sent out :sweat: