Need a training partner


Hello, I’m looking for someone to help bring me up to speed with Ultra Street Fighter IV. I was thinking about playing some matches and seeing where I stand and get some training on how to get better.


I wanted try this because I don’t have anyone near me for offline gameplay to help. Plus none of my friends play fighting games competitively so I’m pretty much on my own to try to learn the game that is pretty challenging. Been playing casually since vanilla Street fighter IV but I want to step my game up and join the fun.


What’s your gamer tag?




Gametag is AmazingXMAN


I’ll add you since I havent trained anybody in awhile, so I kinda feel like helping out. I’ll tell you if I see anything wrong that you need to work on and I’ll be pretty brutal with honesty. Not in a degrading way, but I’ll get my point across.

I’ll play Gouken or Seth most likely who are my 2nd and 3rd alternates. If you cant handle them after so long I’ll do random select until you start improving. I just tried to send you a request but it didnt go through for some reason. I’ll try it again later.


Ok thanks bro can’t wait to work with you. I really appreciate this.


I’m the one that just played you for about 12 games. MJR Poltergeist. Sorry about the delay I got wrapped up in an absolutely absurd conversation.

From what I seen there werent any execution errors, but I’ll watch the replay later and look at your inputs.

  1. You do the footsie footwork but you dont actually play footsies. You bob back and forth but you dont actually use any of your long reaching normals when I try to advance. is your best friend as a Ryu player.
  2. You lock up under pressure pretty frequently. A lot of times you just wont do anything when I’m clearly open. I hit an obvious walk up grab more than once.
  3. You are far too eager to wake up Shoryuken when I am near. At least try to FADC it if you arent sure of the opening. Otherwise it’s free damage.
  4. You dont really play any kind of offense, and you sit full screen at a health disadvantage. I dont have to come over there, so I wont.
  5. When you do play some wake up game however, most of the time it’s a wake up grab after you get a knockdown. Now while that does work from time to time and I certainly do it myself, it doesnt work for you because of these reasons
    a. You very rarely advance in a meaningful way after a knock down
    b. When you do, it easily catches my eye
    c. This advance is ALWAYS a walk up grab
    d. Because of that I can safely do an invincible reversal or tech the grab with absolutely no worries. I’m sure you seen that with the many wake up ultras I landed.
  6. In some match ups you have to be more careful, but you dont really do the Ryu fireball game either. Watch Daigo or any top Ryu player. They are steady chucking hadokens. You also do raw hadoken from dangerous distances. Such as the Mokoto matches where you’ll throw from a range where you couldve canceled off of, but you just went to the hadoken instead and I did U2 on reaction.

Go hangout in the Ryu subsection for Ultra and absorb any knowledge there. Save some of the replays of the games between you and I. Then compare your performace to videos of a really good Ryu. Now Im not saying to try to instantly copy them, but look at what they do, what you do, and see if there is anything you can apply to yourself to help bridge the gap. Whether it be corner pressure, safe blockstrings, or ultra set ups, there is definitely something to be taken away from it. More of like a self reflection homework assignment really. I normally dont have any good ways to fix gameplay faults, but the best feedback usually comes from a fresh pair of eyes.


Alright man thanks for the info. I know what I should work on now and hopefully there will be a major difference next time I fight someone.