Need a very particular stick built


I want a stick where I can over course play on all systems.

I would like a PS3/360 stick.

Sanwa buttons
Fanta Myoungshin stick and a Sanwa JLF compatible mount so I can switch out the stick at will.

Or just a Fanta Myoungshin stick mount.

8 Buttons on the top Standard Vewlix layout aka TE layout.
Start Back/Select Home/Dashboard buttons on the top or side it doesn’t matter.

This stick is mainly for me to play tekken on and also to be able to play SF too if I happen to just get used to fanta that much.

Anyway how much would this run because my parents have agreed to get me what I want for my birthday (this wednesday) and am wondering how much would this cost?


Well, you’d have to buy a normal 360 stick, then get it dual modded. Someone can do this for you custom made, but IMO, would run about 200, more or less. Depending on what it’s made out of, if you want a design, etc.


I’d go for one of the universal cases from Voltech:


Good idea, and get Gummowned or Networkingyuppy to dual mod it for you.


Can’t just get a regular 360 stick and have it modded because Fanta sticks don’t fit in them. I need a entire case built or someone to actually mod the plate itself.


I can likely dual mod the stick for you if you end up going through voltech, so you can save on some shipping.


sorry double post


That would be cool. The main thing is I want it to be usable for both Fanta and Sanwa sticks. The fanta has a different wire up than the Sanwa. On fanta you have to individually solder or connect each directional point and on the sanwa they have that white piece.

But wait I remember in the AIAB i have the stick was solder on each point instead of using that white piece. Well hopefully all of this can be quick disconnected too so I can swap them out myself.


The thing about a Fanta Stick is that the hole to my fuzzy recollection is 1 3/8 inches, and the JLF dustwasher will not cover the hole completely when moved and may snag on the edge. You will also need two Plexiglass plates to accommodate that.


You should just get the individual micro switches for the Sanwa JLF you don’t need to use the micro switch PCB with it.

Also Sanwa makes larger dust covers. They use them on some of the Sanwa JLW models and they fit on a JLF.


Oh ok. I think I will just see if someone wants to dual mod my saulabi and my tE stick AKA put that PS1/PS2 board in there since I have converters lol


Not to hijack the thread or anything…But my nephew loves the Agetec Sick for the DreamCast. How much would it cost to build a stick with the exact measurements and button placement of the old “Green Goblin” stick using a Sanwa joystick and buttons for the whole thing? Dual modded for the 360 and the Playstation for tournament play.


If I’m not mistaken, that is the astro city layout on the green goblin. There are a few modded agetecs in these trade forums. You might have to check a few pages back.


Lefty, thanks for the heads-up, man. I still might be in the market for a custom built stick but if I can find a nice modded Agetec I don’t think my nephew would complain.