Need Abel related advice!


Hey, newbie here. Got an issue that people might be able to help me with. Its about wake-up options. Whats the best thing to do when you’re faced with a Hooligan Combo or a Hondas Sumo Splash thingie on wake up. Sometimes I can catch Cammy with a Falling Sky but it’s not guaranteed for me.

Any advice for an aspiring non-fireball character user pretty please?


Hooligan: Crouch block, then TT throw her (or insert your favorite punish here) after you block the low hit. If you are crouching, she can’t do anything to prevent getting punished for using that move except FADC, its a nearly guaranteed punish for you. I don’t think she can mash out a DP in this situation, but to be sure, you could spend a bar and use EX TT.

Honda: Block high and then do whatever, or just backdash.

Also, don’t forget your universal escape option: EX roll.

Falling sky was not actually designed as an AA. It was designed to stop people from jumping OUT of your TT grab.