Need Admin Help... New forums?

It seems my password was changed on its own. I’ve seen this prob happen when forums/sites change or upgrade their services.

Problem is, I joined in like '02 and the email account I signed up with is long gone, making ‘password recovery’ ineffective for my situation.

Can an admin help me resolve this?

SRK had some problem between 02 and 03 or something along those lines cause I tried to log on in like 02 or 03 and I had problems with my account too and I was told accounts don’t expire even if you don’t log on for a while. I quit SRK for a number of years and just made an account.

In my opinion your account is most likely gone, post in the mod suggestions thread that is in the sticky above and ask. If you don’t get your account back then you can buy premium and ask for a username change. The username change deal happens around New Year though and it’s buy a year of premium and get free name change.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

Just curious why so much hassle to get your old handle?

Cause your dick gains an additional inch per year spent on SRK.

also recoverpas is a pretty shitty username

That’s pretty much it. :rofl:

Not really, give the kid a break.