Need advice about a arcade stick

So i’m planning to get the Hori real arcade pro v silent hayabusa and this will be my first stick ever i’m wondering if it would be possible to mod the stick to also play on xbox one and pc. I was planning on getting a converter as well but after some research I’ve found out that it is banned from tournaments and also could mess up other people’s inputs. If you guys have any advice i’m all ears

Dual Mod
The basics are all here Dual modding 101

XBox 360 pad hacks

But would it work with a stick that already can be on PS4/PS3 because all i would want for it is to also be playable on Xbox one and PC unless it already play on PC. is there some sites that you send the stick to and they would mod it for you??

Also PS4 sticks work fine on PC 99% of the time

Thanks for posting that link i will get in contact with some people in my area :smiley: i’m sure they could do a awesome job once i get that stick