Need advice against a cheesy Ken tactic


I am a noob who plays Ryu but a friend of mine keeps doing this same tactic over and over again. Once I get knocked down he positions himself perfectly with Ken to Jump over me with a Mid kick launched once he is behind me then ground mid kick over and over again.

Since he is launching the mid kick in the air once he is behind me, the block does not seem to work and he constantly does these two attacks over and over again till he wins. How do i block a mid air, M kick once it is launched from behind. Seems like this is one attack that cannot be blocked unless i am missing something.


your probably blocking the wrong way or crouch blocking. Stand and block and tech.


He’s crossing you up. Block the other way.


i am crouch blocking when he does this. Stand blocking would fix it?


Yeah. You can’t block normal jumping attacks while crouching.


Yes, block while standing to block jumping attacks.


Cryoh mentioned it, but understand its a two-fold mistake on your part. You need to be blocking WHILE standing AS WELL AS Blocking the other direction when he jumps over you. Its kind of confusing, but I had this same problem when I started playing Street Fighter.

**Crossing up **(cross up) is when someone’s mid-air attack actually has a hitbox that extends to the OTHER side of your character, in which case you need to be blocking in the opposite direction from where he lands (the direction that he came from). Confusing huh? I dont know where a thread about this is posted but im sure someone can post a link.

But an example: Ken jumps from the right over you to the left, using j. MK. Since Ken is trying to cross you up, you should be blocking to the right (holding right), because his attack will eventually land on your left side and thats where he will hit you from.


the good ol’ crossup, aka neck kick. I noob my buddy with this all day everyday! XD


Your friend really should have explained to you how cross ups and up blocking works.

Who the hell beats up on someone who doesn’t know the game at all. This is why I hate marvel. Everytime I ask people for tips or general strategy they always reply with “I don’t know”. Assholes.


That’s why there are subforums here… even if the people you play don’t like to give handouts, you always have a good resource to get tips and tricks from…