Need advice against sim



I’m so bad against sim that I’ve come out of lurking just to seek your guys’ advice. Please help!!! My win rate against him is embarrassingly low :frowning:

I can’t seem to hit his limbs or close the distance well…


Dhalsim is one of those matches that is easy IF your doing the right things, or incredibly frustrating if your doing the wrong things.

Do not jump EVER! Number one rule, you will get AA for day’s or land on a fireball. What you have to try and do is use a combination of focus dash, block and rekka to close ground. If you focus dash cancel (limbs) then immediately rekka you’ll catch him on the start of of his next poke, this is pretty much your main - safe - way in. Run him to the corner then he’s toast. If he throws slow fireballs for a cross up teleport mix up , I just neutral jump HK ( even if he doesn’t teleport), as that will catch him even if he teleports behind you for a full punish. Otherwise if you see a teleport , mash jab.

If you get close you need to lay the pressure on THICK. Sim has no reversal, and no pokes that will lead to big damage. So I’ll run some, overhead, tic throw, tenshin, jab xx rekka, frame trap, rinse repeat.

If you jump in with mp on a knockdown, input the CW before you land and you can catch him if he teleports away.

EX chicken Wing is viable as his fireball recovery is quite bad, so you can get away with bad ranges. Also if he uses Ultra to get you off, you can throw him out of the ultra inside the Ultra flash animation as long as you’ve not pressed a button before hand. Watch out if he has super loaded though, things become very unsafe with rekka.

Just block and move forward, he can’t keep you out forever. DO NOT JUMP. Stay very patient, it’s a terrible match but well winnable. It’s a hard match to give advice on because its based around your ability to stay calm and act on the slightest mistake by Dhalsim.


Thanks! You know, the thing I do is lose patience and I stupidly jump in hoping thing I somehow beat his AA. When it works, I do mess him up bad but lots of times I’ll take off a lot of his health, he escapes and I give myself no chance the rest of the round. The rounds (and if it’s a good day, match) I win are the ones where he simply can’t do shit when I’m in his face the entire time. Hopefully, I can utilize some of your advice to up my pressure and better my skill at getting in.

That focus dash I just started today and it works but sometimes I just get caught by fireball-HP. I think I can improve that tho. N.J. HK sounds like a great idea against that slow fireball/teleport, I’ll have to try it.

Heh, I have plenty of other characters I have a significantly lower record against but another day.

What’s the matchup numbers for fei:sim anyways?


Advantage Fei. 6-4.

Sim just can’t get him off, and rekka pushes him to the corner pretty easily where he loses badly. You don’t always need to rekka after the focus. Using just focus dash then block to close ground is good. Also HP rekka will travel further, don’t worry about bring negative on block against sim, he can’t dish out the damage (outside full super).

I don’t mind playing a little sloppy against him, the risk reward is in Fei’s favour. As long as it’s sloppy on the ground. Sim has so many AA that its just not possible to jump him, if you do it’s just pure luck or the Sim player fucked up.


well Highlandfireball has really covered everything bro, but if I may add, learn to be patient and let sim come to you. also remember that at the round start you can reach anyone with a HP rekka lol ( my personal favorite but dont wear it out), even when tempted try to resist jumping. also when you have a life lead turtle his ass and make him come to you (usually with light fireball and teleport) and punish appropriately. remember to be patient and look for that knock down, once you are on sim feel free to rape his ass lol!

Fei vs Sim is 5.5-4.5 if you ask me
also watch pro player matches btw fei and sim


i F up high level fei’s this is 5-5. only fei that ever took it to me was Mago and that was 5-2


you mean 8-2


this is even and i will prove it to anyone who wants to play.


Well you certainly have a non-yoga mindset don’t you?


Honestly block until you get within range to rekka then go ham with him in the corner. C. LK blows Sim up, so once you’re in stay in! Don’t CW unless it’s EX to punish yoga fire cuz he’ll most likely Yoga Knee.