Need advice buying joystick parts


hello everyone
i start playing fighting game in the 90 sf2ce , 15 year after i just restart playing fighting game but is got anymore arcade and i realy miss the feeling of the old school arcade , so i just go too the store and buy 1 mad catz joystick and dont feel comfortable because 1- the ball always leave the stick and also dont realy love the feeling of the ball and botton and the mechanics of the unit
2- after i buy the mortal kombat stick , is a bit better but the layout is good for 1 game only and dont like the stick mechanics
3- next buy the xarcade tankstick i love the unit because is very heavy and look strong and very versatile, pc,ps3,4,xbox… , but i dont realy like the stick inside i feel the 45% miss some precision so i`m looking to mods this unit

now i`m looking too buy 2 joystick parts
i dont realy feel comfortable using jp ball and botton and also american stick in 2014 look cheap and missing precision
i just look the korean stick and feel very seduce because they have the style of the arcade stick of the 1990
what pepole think of the Crown 303-N and 303-FK and what option i got thank you


I am assuming you are either a US or European gamer and played on the typical equipment of the time.
US and European arcades used Happ and IL parts. Happ and IL parts were identical as IL did all the manufacturing until 2005 where Happ broke there relationship with IL, acquired Suzo (to become Suzo-Happ) and moved production to China. Since then Happ quality parts been sub-par compared to IL parts.

If you are looking to upgrade your X-arcade Tank Stick, Korean joystick will not mount in there well without heavy modding of the Tabk stick case.
Closes drop in replacements for the tank stick would be Happ and IL parts with IL being the better choice.
The base of the Happ or IL joystick will not fit perfectly with the gap provided for the stock joystick so some minor cutting/grinding is required.
The Bolt pattern is exactly the same.

Now for the Ball top coming off the Japanese joystick, the ball top can be tighten with minimal effort. Open the panel up and from the underside the joystick will have a slot for a screw driver to fit.
Twist the shaft of the joystick while holding on to the ball top will tighten that top. Japanese Joysticks do also have a optional Bat top simular to the Happ and IL stick tops.

The JLF the model joystick you were using is accused before of having a large dead zone (area of movement where directionals to not activate) and feeling loose.
Seimitsu Brand joysticks are tighter with smaller dead zones. The Sanwa JWL which is made to mimic US/European arcade parts also have a small dead zone and shorter throw and more precision.

The Korean Crown 303-N and 303-FK will mount in a Japanese joystick mount just fine. Keep in mind they are centered by a rubber grommet not a spring, so the joystick will feel completely different from what you are used too.

So a quick summary
Upgrading the X-Arcade Tank Stick/ PDP Mortal Kmbat stick use IL parts
Upgrading your Mad Catz (for your preferences) go with Seimitsu joysticks or the Sanwa JWL. Do not forget about the slot on the bottom of the joystick shaft for tightening ball and bat tops.

I am not saying not to use Korean parts but you must understand that they are a different category from US/European and Japanese parts.
And it appears you only sampled the JLF, Modern Happ and knock off Happ (X-arcade) parts.


thank you for taking the time too answer me ,
btw someone know where too order parts in canada ?


there is this place…

and some other stuff is listed here FAQ: Buying Arcade Sticks & Parts in Canada



thank again everyone :wink:
i wante my stick ready for vf6 :wink: