Need advice. Does Dreamcast pad works on ps3?


Hello shoryuken peepz,

Okay I don’t have a ps3 yet and I haven’t try it out yet.

My favorite pad for Streetfighter (3rd strike) is de Dreamcast pad.

I played multiple times with kawaks alpha 3 on the PC against other people. I link it with Magic Box and it has USB.

Now I want to play SF4 with Dreamcast pad.

So Dreamcast pad + Magic Box (usb converter) works on the PS3?

And if it is works, cause it lag? Or just as normal as an original PS3 pad?

Same question for my Saulabi sps-3000, does that stick gives lag too?

I have to wait for mt Hori PS3 stick for a week and tommorow I have a SF4tournament.

What to do?

Yours, Beatrice

PS: My english sucks



Okay, I copy and past my thread.

Thanks for the link, now I really hope for a reply ^^