Need Advice FAST (Painting TE)

I’m going to osh hardware supply right now to get some paint. This guy said I need the following:

Krylon Fusion for plastics, red pepper
Tremclad clear coat (took very long to dry)
Krylon clear finish “triple layer” (dries faster, recommended!)

What is the difference between the 3? Do i really need all 3? I don’t know what to do. I’m painting the bezel Black.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say you should maybe wait a few minutes and do some research before you leave.

vinyl dye is all you need

That Krylon Fusion is a great paint for vinyl. I use it on my guitars’ pickguards and it holds up like a champ. It takes a bit to fully dry (I usually wait a day) but once it does its durable and vibrant.

if you’re painting the TE bezel a flat black, use vinyl dye. Its absolutely idiot proof provided you wash the surface thoroughly before you begin.

I heard Krylon Fusion for plastics is imitation of vinyl dye.

where do you purchase vinyl dye? i’ve gone to a couple arts and craft stores and they didn’t have any. i have plastic bonding spray paint, and im more than capable of painting the bezel, but the dye seems like a better route since it won’t chip.

anyone have an actual product name or brand i can look for?

Vinyl dye will chip if you don’t let it dry/cure long enough or lay it on thick too much too fast. I know because all of the above happened to me…

And you’ll have to pick it up at an auto parts store. I tried a few craft stores, a Wal-Mart, and two auto places before the guy at AutoZone located my exact can for me.

^right on. looks like i’ll be hitting up autozone tomorrow.