Need advice for buying arcade stick


Hello everyone. I am new to the fighting community but am decided to go more serious. first thing I want to do is move to arcade stick (and yes I have read the long threads about them), and I decided out of all available options that this was my best bet because apparently sanwa parts are more recommended, considering the price range and all.

I am practically on the verge of buying this, but what I am looking for are “any last words” in case, by some more expert opinion, I am told “omg no man, what are you doing o.O that is complete trickery!” or “don’t you know there is actually better if you go here instead…” etc.

since this is my first arcade stick Im not gonna cry if sh*t hits the fan ( :O?) but Id rather it didnt. :slight_smile:

thx guys


Are you sure that you want a stick for the Playstation 2 ? There are good reasons to get one, but I’m not sure they apply to you.


I have SF4:AE on PC. atm Im using the xbox 360 official gamepad compatible with PC. so any compatible stick of good quality is fine. I only dont want to go over 100 euros for it since it is my first stick and is bound to be changed/modded in future anyway


That looks similar to the Qanba Q1. Wood panel, plastic base, suction cup for feet. I have a knockoff of it and from what it looks like the modding potential with this stick is marginal. There’s not a lot of space to work with.

If you already have plans to mod a stick, I would advise getting the recommended sticks that I believe you have read. Nearly all of the modding methods will be cut out for you. The heft of a stick goes a long way in making it feel sturdy and reliable.


ok… now Im getting convinced about getting a madcatz one instead for a little more. the only fear I have is it wont work with PC.
Last time I bought an xbox 360 controller it didnt work with pc, then I had to get one which had written in small print “compatible with pc”(and which ofc, cost 10 euros more). And as far as I can see everything written madcatz is either xbox 360 or PS3 sooo… ???

Im scared history will repeat itself, just with a 100+ euro arcade stick which I cant use. Or maybe there is a way of adapting it regardeless?


All the 360 madcatz sticks will work on PC.