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so i would say i’ve been playing this game for about 2 years now and i feel like i haven’t been improving the way i should have been… i would say i need more focus on my zoning but i’m not too sure on how to go about that. i have some videos of me winning but if anyone see’s anything else that i can improve on please shoot the advice and let me now.






Pretty solid Ken IMO. Your composure is definitely better than mine haha.

The first match against Rog I noticed you didn’t use standing RH as the beginning of some of your punishes, I’m pretty sure that’s the best route. Also, with Rog it’s very easy to bait them into the EX dash with fireballs, and then grab them out of the dash… this would have taken a decent chunk off of him.

After an SRK knockdown you could probably benefit from using the FTK options that follow.

I don’t think I saw you kara dash in either of the two matches I watched, and I only remember seeing one kara throw(could be mistaken on this).
I did see one kara tasu! Rarely see those. So yeah, harnessing the power of his kara…

Aaaand maybe frame traps?

I like that lk tatsu thing you do on vegas wakeup… I’m going to steal it!


i appreciate it man, im honestly trying to amp my ken up to as far as i can go and i do not wanna plateau at the level i’m at right now you know, im trying to make it as a top tier ken player since you hardly see most of those and mostly top players dont like the whole shoryuken thing u know lol but i’m practicing on the whole kara focus thing actually, a little harder to plink when both the buttons are on top of each other you know, i’m also practicing on the kara hadokens and kara dp’s.

would u happen to know how his zoning game works though?? and go ahead man lol i’ve just played enough vegas to know that the majority of them do that backflip soo the light tatsu catches them off guard u know.


Your Ken is so aggressive lol. Probably something I need to work on is rushing that shit down.

No your game is pretty solid though, I’d be careful about baiting with a whiffed LP shoryu. Top tier players aren’t going to just let that slide.

Question though, how did you get vids of yourself playing?


Work on whiff punishing more to score knockdowns. Good example:

Ken doesn’t really have a heavy zoning game with fireballs, but there is a magic range where you can throw a fireball and still recover in time to shoryuken. I think it’s a bit outside step kick range.

I see your OSing behind those jump ins against honda, thats good because a lot of people don’t bother to learn OS’s.


I thought about how I suggested the st. RH to begin your punishes(where you chose cr. mk in a couple of the vids), and then I thought about it, and actually if you are close enough to do that you prolly wanna go the cr. lk>cr. lp>cr. HP route. I instinctively wrote it… because RH is my goto move for that… but I have been practicing plinking the cr. HP so I can dizzy some muhfuggahs up. Still have some work to do, but progress is being made. Thank goodness kara = plinking… it has made the transition rather painless compared to what many people most likely go through.


Lol that vega player is my friend and he never blocks. I like the way u play but I think ur too aggresive once u no that someone wants to be there all the time it makes it easier to predict wat u can do and too many dps its alright to suprise people but once someone realizes that u might dp u will get hit hard once u had ur bars and u was put in a guessin situation u dp’d and its harder to do but u can get backdashed or delayed dp’d also wat I would like to see more kens do is walk up low foward


he was good honestly, on the last round i thought he was gonna beat me with getting me dizzy… i can honestly say that i was panicked at the moment. soo you think be a tad bit more patient would improve on my game play?? i’ve heard a couple of times that i shouldn’t always rush down the way i do cuz you’re right about being predicted and what not, guess thats where one of my major problems are.


i have an HD PVR recorder, once i saved the replays on my 360 just had to start it up and replay the fight which records it… no lie takes quite a bit of space just for a 2 minute video lol


Dude ya he’s not bad I would love to see how well u would do in more matches against him. But I used to play a lot like u, I was dumber but simular, ken is such a scary and annoying person and a lot of times the only way to beat a good ken is to predict his offense so watch that. When I stopped playin like that I won a lot more and pp went way up. Also u needed more aa’s, iam still workin on this myself but its vital.


you arent the first person to tell me to work on my AA’s haha but yea i definitely need too, my reactions arent where they need to be… soo besides on slowing the aggression down and working on my AA’s, is there anything else that you’ve worked on to help get u better??? i read up on the match ups like almost every chance i get and watch videos, but i feel like im missing something else you know


I think your AA is alright, but it could be better. MP shoryuken for your normal anti air where they jump right on top of you, and you can also try kara HP shoryuken to keep those guys away who jump farther back, thats what I’ve been implementing in my game. I personally believe its worth it to keep them at bay with shit like that then to have them get close and work their mixup on me.

Your rushdown is really aggressive, which is good but you need to play more patient sometimes. You can kill the guy faster if you bait out special moves. So try to leave more gaps in between your rushdown, you never know what comes out :wink: (random ultra). I also think you are “forcing” an opening into a mixup game with that rushdown, I think the better way is to be patient until the opportunity comes, then capitalize on that opening and go apeshit.

Good reference is Momochi’s ken back in the day, I think he had the best blend of patience and rushdown.


yea i see what everyone’s saying… imma practice on the patience so i could mix it up and bait out their mistakes for a good punishment. i personally believe that Wao and momochi have the best ken’s actually


Being aggressive all the time is fun and easy but once u find other ways to play ur game and finding the perfect time to play like that it becomes a lot more difficult but also u either used step kick(u gotta watch ur spacin cuz u whiffed a few) or jump to get in, u got to switch it up and just walk forward sometimes or fake them out with gettin into step kick range and not doing anything and whiff puunishing or focus punishing. And imo u could use more kara dash I think its one of kens best moves.


I am actually a bit of a noob compared to you to be honest but I am also a rush down Ken player and using his FTK and TTK are really good for rush down players because as pretty much everybody here has said, if people start to pick holes in your offence, you are gonna get punished pretty bad eventually.

That is where I picked up a lot of mix-up strategy. Works great for rush down whilst keeping your opponent guessing and gives you a great amount of options after f.dp which i personally struggled with. It may be old news to you tbh but i just wanted to help a fellow Ken player out :slight_smile:

Love the cross up light tatsu on Vega, it works great on a lot of characters and keeps that pressure on. I didn’t realise you could punish Vegas backdash so well off of it either :slight_smile:

good luck on levelling up dude!

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