Need advice for opening up with Ammy

Hey all, I’m currently running a team where my main focus is ammy and frank.

Mostly i stay in disk form and do the basic H combo with the relaunch so i can TAC to frank and level him up. The only problem that i’ve been having as of late is that i’ve been having trouble opening other people up with Ammy. Usually if i get push blocked to more than half screen distance, it gets really difficult to get in.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on some tactics with ammy, or frank with a shopping cart assist to get in easier. As far as my third goes, i’m ok with sentinel with drones assist, but i have also been trying to learn Doom as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if anyone would wanna help me out online, my XBL gamertag is Serati Zero

In disc, most of my mix ups come from instant air dashing
Option 1 is to jump and immediately airdash downforward and hit H for a pretty quick overhead, if an opponet is alert they can usually block this though
Option 2 that I like to use is to instant airdash downforward and hit M twice for a double overhead
Option 3 is to immediately airdash downforward, wait a second, then hit S, the idea is for the S to whiff, then immediately go into her amazingly fast crouch L (3 frames i believe)

Shopping Cart assist is great for these mix ups, since you can get people to block for long periods of time, same with drones

EDIT: Oh yeah, a tactic i like to use is to do a light or medium, wait a second, then do standing M, its a really good frame trap for people that like to hit buttons, and will hit a lot of people trying to advance guard early