Need Advice from good SSF4AE Players


I’ve been playing the Street Fighter 4 series since Vanilla. From day 1 I’ve been an Abel main. I’m not an amazing player. I still struggle with certain match ups or certain play styles. I don’t level up as fast as some players, but I can still improve. I consider myself an intermediate player; I understand a lot about fighting games, but I don’t use every tool as effectively as I should such as option selects. I’m looking for good players on Xbox Live (preferably the east coast) who can help me improve. Whether it be in a certain match up or in general, doesn’t matter to me. I just want to expand my knowledge. It’d be great if I were to fight someone who is considered a counter pick to Abel. Any advice or criticism is welcome. I do plan on going to some tournaments to gain local experience in the future.

My Gamertag: Clearzova4950


I consider myself intermediate to so add me. Im mainly a shoto player and don’t know much about Abel but still we can spar some time and maybe learn some new stuff. GT:UltraBlake


head over to and we can help you out with learning, we typically have endless lobbies everyday with our members, so sign up or just come chat in our shoutbox :slight_smile: