Need advice in D-pad to Arcade Stick transition training


I know there are a lot of threads about this, but i need to ask about very specific things.

BTW i have always played with a dpad and im very good with it (im around #250-300 in sf2 hd turbo remixs scoreboard). So please dont call me a scrub and read on because i need advice from great stick players.

I just got madcatz ps3 fightstick regular version and obviously i suck using it so i need to know a few things:

  1. How many fingers should i use, i mean what would be my neutral finger position on the stick and how many fingers should be used to press the face buttons.

For instance, there are 4 face buttons L, M, H, 3 for both punches and kicks, should i maybe use all four fingers except my thumb or maybe just index, middle and ring fingers and move those three fingers around?

  1. Should i use the 3P / 3K button or press all 3 punch or kick buttons?

  2. Where should i put the controller, i mean i usually place it on my lap but i cant assume a variety of comfortable positions i used to be able to assume using my gamepad. Should i maybe get a counter to place it on top of? Is it better?

  3. Ive noticed that there are two very different levels of force i need to apply in order to move the stick forward or backwards. I mean, its very different for me to pull of a SRK facing forward where i basically have to push on the stick than trying to pull it off facing left where i would be pulling on it. (its a LOT easier for me to pull off everything when im pulling than when im pushing).

So i was wondering if maybe theres a hand position on the stick that would make this difference less pronounced?.

Should i be cupping the ball on top with my palm and hand semi open, maybe i should close my hand all the way cupping the ball or maybe i shouldnt cup the ball at all and just sort of push with my palm on the tip of the stick. Which would you recommend? Im asking because since im going to get used to this i want to get used to the method that works the best from the get go.

  1. how the fffff can i pull off giefs ULTRA ??? I cant for the life of me pull it off on my stick. Which motion would you recommend to make it easier?

  2. Should my arm be getting tired when i play? i mean, i used to use only my thumb and the change to using my arm means i get tired more easily, at least for the moment.

Thanks a lot.


1 and 2 ) I mostly use pointer middle and ring for the 6 buttons i never use the last 2 on the end there usless in my opnion since its easy to do 3p 3k. I use my thumb as well but more for tekken bryan taunt.

3)w/e is sturdy can but a stool and fold table if it moves on your lap to much. I would just get use to playing on your lap.

  1. ??? maybe still getting use to it im lost do not know what you mean
    I sort of hold it like a pencil lol just what ever gets the job done seen ppl hold it like a glass inbetween the middle and ring finger.

  2. Buffer it in with moves like the slide. practice stuff out

  3. It is all finger motion for me i do not really move my arms. Yu are probably forcing thins to much and it is resulting in muscle fatigue.

Practice gief 360 on both sides make sure you don’t jump on acident. Try playing on both sides as much as possible I have seen people that are side handicaped it is bad when half the battle is jumping over the guy lol


Index on jab, middle on strong, ring on fierce.

Don’t bother with the 7th or 8th buttons. They’re for scrubs/for other games that use that layout (SNK games, mostly).

Some players put it on their lap, some put it on the floor in front, some put it on a desk or on a stool. Find whichever one you’re most comfortable with, there isn’t any noticeable advantage between one or the other as long as you’re comfortable with it.

There are many ways to hold the stick… you should perhaps consider one of these:
[media=youtube]UMgZ231Q12A[/media] Hold it like any other object
[media=youtube]9rFAYtK66Ps[/media] Same as above, but keep your ring/pinky (and maybe middle) off to the side
[media=youtube]SZ269Dp6YCQ[/media] Similar to above, this time you keep your spare fingers on the other side of the stick (so your index and middle are in front on the ball, your ring and pinky are back underneath on the stick)
[media=youtube]HZ4fAqSInnc[/media] It may be of benefit to you to learn how to hold your stick in many different ways, like so
There’s also wineglassing (self-explanatory, unless you’ve never held a wine glass), which I can’t find a video of :rofl:

Standing 720? There’s no secret trick to it, start at 4 or 6 (number notation, not clocks) and spin really really fast.

No, not really.


[media=youtube]3It4hgkg9cI"[/media] tachi gigas.


Okay first thing…get a Saturn PS2 pad…or a Saturn PS3 pad (easier to find…) the best fighting pad made…I dont trust anything from Mad Catz from this point onward. People keep telling me 'Learn a stick?"

I’m like “Why?”

Only reason I’ll learn a stick is if I hear about SBO Quals for America in AN SNK GAME…other than that why should I learn a stick? Thats my POV. What so I can be in the “in crowd” with others that use sticks? hahaha I take pleasure in whooping stick users asses anyways…they should know better than to take me lightly because I play on a pad…



I’m a pad player too, but I do acknowledge that stick has some advantages. Fuerte’s infinite is probably not possible on Saturn Pad, Akuma’s Raging Demon obviously takes longer, Kara Throws are near impossible, etc. Perhaps at the highest level and with certain characters you need a stick to compete, but otherwise I am fine with my Saturn and Madcatz Pads.

Why do you want to make the switch? Saturn Pad USB works great for PS3. If you are 360 and don’t want to take a chance on Madcatz then I understand. But unless you play Fuerte, Akuma, Ken (Kara), I don’t see why either.

[media=youtube]SZ269Dp6YCQ[/media] makes the most sense to me and it is how I try to play the few times I am forced to use a stick.


Here’s an issue I have…why in the hell did they stop making the pads for PS2? I mean seriously you gotta go through HELL to get a Saturn pad on PS2 now and days…you gotta pay $200 + to get one on Ebay…thus I’m like the hell with it…I got an experiment looming…I got two Ps3 USB Saturn pads on the way…do any of you know if these pads have the same boards as the PS2 Saturn pad? Why I ask is because I have someone that is going to swap the faceplate, board, wires and everything from the brand new PS3 pad, and put it in my old ps2 Saturn pad…

So its completely new…is this possible?

I’m very very high on execution…so a Mad Catz (other that the SF fightpad) just doesnt cut it…neither does Mad Catz PS2 pads either or the SF Anniversary Pad.



4.) I know what you mean, my DPs come out a lot better in ST from the 2nd player side when I can pull them. But it’s not two levels of force, it’s simply two different directions. It can feel Alien, especially since from the pad you are used to dashing left or right feeling completely the same. Was exactly the same for me.
I use the wineflass grip (stick between index and middle), this gives me good directional feeling but it will still feel different. Just hang in there.

6.) Yup, normal. You will get used to it, become more relaxed, the movements more economic and much calmer. As long as you don’t get stiff, don’t worry. But then, sticks are what actually makes this much better :wgrin:

A final note, over time, try to not use the restrictor plate but get a feeling for the switches. This makes you much faster and the feel much smoother. Though I couldn’t do it at the start, too floaty… but after a few months, I can do it for a few moves :sweat:


Thanks a lot on the great info, i didnt know there would be videos on how to hold the stick. Ill try them out tonight after i get home from work and look up some more.

Also, considering im an engineer and can get stuff built for me very easily, shouldnt i get someone to build me a counter to place the stick on or is it the same?


then how do you play when you go to mexico