Need Advice: joystick or controller?

I have got back from playing 2dfighter/3s. Well the one common denominator is my inputs are too slow.Even when playing offline its way to slow. Inputing the DP motion is slow and off. Every time I try to do a dp from blocking or walking backward I do a half circle or whiff the timing on the diagonal and do a st. lp.

I am getting frustrated with the diagonals and my inputs are way too slow to hit ANYONE muchless a finite opening.

Is it me or is timing a parry harder online than on Ps2?

I would just say start learning stick, it takes longer to get proficient at, but it allows you to do many advanced things more easily than you can on pad.

As for online parry timing, it is harder since there is lag involved, but if you’ve got a good connection usually it’s really not all that hard. Just don’t play people with a high ping and you shouldn’t really have any problems.

The delay should be fairly negligible on 2DF as long as you’re playing someone with 80ms or under. Don’t go playing people from Bulgaria or some shit.

Switch from whatever controller you’re using to something else. In the end you should be using whatever you’re most comfortable with, but you can only use sticks in arcades in case that matters. Pads are better, but if you’re more comfortable with a stick or want to play in an arcade use a stick.

You can use a stick for a certain platform if you have a stick for that platform. It is as simple as that, and you may craft one if you wish. Check Tech Talk section for details on stick crating and modding. In a nutshell: it is always possible to use a pad’s printed circuit board (PCB) on a newly made stick. As soon as you obtain the needed hardware (sticks, buttons, wires and a frame where they will be assembled into), it is just about sandpapering the graphite and welding the stick and buttons’ switches to the wires and the wires to the appropriate spots you have sandpapered on the PCB.

The idea that pads are better can be debated. It is a matter of taste, but I feel most believe otherwise, preferring sticks over pads. You are definitely correct when advising him to stick to what he is most comfortable with.

Even if you prefer a d-pad, large stick buttons are far superior.

I finally took a chance and got a HRAP2 SA and now I feel like I’ve been missing out. I love this thing. Thanks SRK! Go stick!!!:woot:

definitely go stick.

stick >> pads.

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What if I only play fighting games to inflate my ego, and I can only beat people who live in third-world countries?

I know my only real advantage is that the other guy is pedaling a generator-bike to power his computer while he plays against me, so I just run and turtle until he gets too tired to hold block anymore, and then I walk right up to him and press Roundhouse as fast as I can. Plump rural villagers usually tucker enough for my strategy to work in four or five games. However, if the player is from a nomadic tribe, it can sometimes take nine or more games to wear him out! I tend to get more wins during periods of drought or famine.

A shit load of techniques used in most games become extremely difficult or impossible without using an arcade stick.

Gief Hugo… charge characters tend to be a bitch as well… and how can you do boxers turn punch charge and play normally… impossible!!!

Mmm, a lot of charge characters are okay if they?re more like charged half-circles…

…but even the controller whizzes I know can?t do the @#$% Raging Storm pretzel when it really counts.