Need advice mating a JLW to T5

i am pretty sure i know what i have to do… but before i go past the point of no return, i would enjoy hearing the experts advice:

i’m modding a Hori T5 w/ a Sanwa JLW-UM-8 joystick. the T5 top plate has a welded flange whose bolt holes (i thought) would line up for easy installation. not so much.

the stock flange looks like this. notice the off-set bolt holes. they are all shifted off the center-line clockwise.

however the JLW mounting screws lie directly along the axis. if i was able to mount as-is my stick would be cocked several degrees clockwise (no good). however i couldn’t do that even if i wanted to because the stock holes are “wider” than the JLW’s.

yes, you can see the holes, however the centerlines do not matchup. nor are the diameters common.

again, i have some ideas - but there is no reason to re-invent the wheel. if someone else is familiar with a proven solution… then by all means i’d love to hear it. like i said, i’ll probably start drilling metal tomorrow - so the stock condition’s days are numbered.

I’d get 8 self tapping screws and 4 pieces thin gauge steel and maybe some JB weld.

  1. Apply JB weld on the T5 stick’s 4 flanges.
  2. Apply 4 thin gauge steel cutouts over the putty
  3. Secure each corner with tapping screws
  4. Locate new holes.

The JB Weld and self tapping screws are a little overkill, but gives piece of mind that your self tapping screws never become loose.

I’d do this unless I had the JLW mounting flange, which I would modify instead.

You could also get the T5’s holes welded shut and grinded flush and then proceed to locate new holes.

I’ve given people advice on mounting other joysticks to the T5 stick before. What I do, is remove the mounting area altogether. You can achieve this by drilling through the weld points. You see 4 of them. You actually don’t have to drill all the way through the top panel, but you need to drill through the mounting plate completely.

Some people find this easier to do with a dremel and cutting wheel attachment since you can more easily control the depth at which you are cutting.

In any case, once that is done, just drill new holes for mounting the JLW. Of course, this method makes it so you have holes in the top panel of your stick, but I almost always cut out a layer of plexi so I can put custom artwork on a mod anyway. So you don’t see the screws anyway (don’t forget to countersink the screws so they are flush with the top panel).