Need advice - noob

I have a difficult time closing the gap between my opponent as ryu. Its so hard to get in there and connect with my punches to do some combos…and its really hard for me to connect with S! Help?

Ignore noobness please.

Well, you want to try wavedashing, superjumping, approaching with air Light Tatsu, and calling assists which will help control the screen/clear a way in. And when you say connect with S, do you mean after doing a (standing) Light, Medium, Heavy, Forward+Heavy? That can whiff on people sometimes, just do the crouching versions of those attacks instead, that works on everybody.

Thank you DrSlouch! Learning how to wave dash is tricky lol. For S I meant the standing hit that knocks them in the air, it just seems really hard to connect. But I tried the lower hits and ur right, it does connect :slight_smile:

Are there ryu guides anywhere that anyone knows of? Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make my wave dashing more efficient with Ryu too. One exercise I have found out is to hit someone with the rdp+H, and try to wave dash and hit them with standing B into your chain. In fact, if you can do this you have a more efficient BNB, but I can only do it maybe 10% of the time… still, it’s improved my wave dash skills a lot.


I’ve got a quick question; can ryu’s callerbone breaker be special canceled into the donkey kick

Yes. Or Hadouken, or Tatsu, or SRK.