Need advice on a small tube TV that is still portable


so i’ve been looking around for a small, used tube TV (not lcd or anything, mainly due to price). i need something that i can bring around without too much effort (bring to friends houses to provide extra setups, etc). what’s the largest size tube TV that won’t be too heavy to move around constantly?

i’m also not looking for an HDTV cause i want to avoid lag…

i’ve played games on a 15" LCD TV for awhile and i didn’t mind the size. i was looking around at 14-15" TVs. someone near me had this model for sale. the weight on the specs is listed as 26.4 lbs. any opinions? thanks guys!


That seems heavy for that small of a TV. I have a little 14 incher on my desk that I use for older consoles. I just lifted it up and I really don’t think it weighs more than 10-12 lbs. I have another tube TV in the room that’s 21’’ and I wouldn’t want to lug that thing around. It’s probably 40-50lbs.

I’d also recommend checking your local pawn shops instead of buying one of these retail. I paid $40 for mine 5 years ago.


Yeah, check pawn shops. Also, RCA sucks.


yeah i’ve been looking on craigs list for these things. they’re around $15-25. i’ll probably pass on that RCA one then.


I keep a 13" tube TV around for my Dreamcast 2D fighting game needs. It’s a Citizen brand TV I picked up from the classifieds for $30. It’s light enough to carry it somewhere and small enough to throw it in a car and not worry about it taking too much space.


May want to consider an old Commodore 64 monitor. It has mono AV, but good video output.


Haha, I found one while walking back home from high school and I hooked it up to my SNES. I have to agree, this is also a very good option. Some of them even have handles built (iMac style).

If you can find one, they are absolutely awesome.


is 13" fine for you to play fighting games on? i was afraid 13" might be a little small.


I have a 13 inch (I think) Samsung CRT. Crisp image. Its lightweight, maybe 20ish pounds.

I take it whenever someone asks to bring a tv for gatherings. It serves its purpose well.


I use a 13 inch as well, I plug it in the living room while I watch football. I also take it to work with me when there are soccer games on or something. Good for fighting games but thats about it…