Need advice on buying an HDTV

It’s my understanding from reading CNET’s TV buying guide (correct me if i’m wrong) that the first thing to look for when buying a high def tv is the contrast ratio so after much researching i narrowed down my choices to the two below listed tvs

costwise the samsung is cheaper but the sharp is 2" bigger but what’s got me baffled is huge disparity in the contrast ratios 1000:1 for sharp vs 7000:1 for samsung
does this mean that the samsung will produce far more superior picture quality than the sharp?

which one according to you would be a better buy?

I want 1080p HDTV is awesome! Superior PURE Color Picture.

I like Sharp Aquos 1080p 42" Widescreen LCD HDTV** (LC42D62U).

I went to the SONY Store and watched BRAVIA XBR HDTV :wow:
there are expensive.

use a card credit! buy it :rock:

yes the BRAVIA XBR is tempting but it’s way out of my price range :sweat:

I’d go for the Samsung. 2 inches isn’t going to make a difference really, certainly not a $200 difference. I like that it has an extra HDMI slot as well. I don’t like the fact the Aquos doesn’t have a stated response time, but it’s probably 8ms too. If it’s worse, then I’d definitely go with the Samsung.