Need advice on gamepads

Recently my Madcatz SSFIV gamepad has had problems. For some reason the pad will continue to hold down and register a left or right command on the D-pad long after I have let go of it. This causes a ton of problems such as not being able to block in time and my fireballs coming out as punches. Not sure if fixable and even if it was I don’t have much experience in fixing pads and would rather just buy a new one.

However, buying a new Madcatz pad seems to be out of the question as they are apparently discontinued and the ones people have for sale, used or new in box, are overpriced. So now I am on the look out for a new one that will serve me well.

I’m looking for a pad with the same six button layout as the Madcatz gamepad. I liked everything about the pad except the disc shaped D-pad. Something more along the lines of a Sony Dualshock D-pad is what I’m actually more used to. The pad will primarily be used for fighters so analog sticks aren’t needed and may just get in the way. I mainly play USF4 but also dabble in other fighters such as MKX. I also want something that is compatible with both PC and PS3/4 as I play mainly on PC and would like to bring the pad over to my friends who happen to have PS3/4. That specific compatibility is mainly because I will be playing SFV in the future so something that only works on PC and PS3 may not be worth it for me. That being said, it HAS to be compatible with PC first and foremost. Would also be a plus if there was a way to use it on Xbox one/360.

Price is not a problem as long as it isn’t way overpriced. Something like a 60 dollar pad would be pushing it. It also has to be durable. Don’t really want to be paying for something that will break within a year. I do admit, however, that I am not particularly gentle with gamepads. Although I store them quite neatly, I play about fifteen hours a week and I tend to push buttons very fast and forcibly.

Hori Fighting Commander 4 works on PS3/PS4/PC.

You can use it on the XBox One with a converter.