Need advice on joysticks


So I’ve been using the Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK joystick for a little over a year already and I feel like I need a stick with a little more resistance, the buttons I have no problems with, though. I’ve heard about Seimitsu sticks, but people mentioned shorter throw distance which I do not want. I’ve also been having problems with deflection lately, (I’m the type that lets go of the stick if I need it on neutral) but that may just be because of a worn out spring. I’m only looking for slightly more resistance than the JLF, not the amount you would get in a typical movie theater or mall stock arcade cabinet in the states.

So would anyone be kind enough to direct me to a stick(s) with the conditions I’m looking for, or link me a list of specs of different sticks so I could compare them?

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All the info you want is there.
There are links to shops and FAQ sites with the info you wanted – JUST LOOK!
Your question has been asked a million times before!

The only other new thing to add is "Hayabusa."
That’s Hori’s answer to the JLF and probably better than the Seimitsu joysticks. Many of us like it MUCH better than the JLF.
The throw on the Hayabusa is somewhere between a JLF and the LS-32…
As far as tension/resistance is concerned, that differs from joystick to joystick and most people end up doing spring mods or replacing springs with higher-tension springs to get the tension levels they want.



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