Need advice on making stick better (throw/gate/buttons/spring) Make it feel more MAS like?


First off this is my secondary joystick…

I have a quad mod full sized MAS that I daily use/casuals/tourneys/mms, but I decided to get a Qanba Q4RAF as a secondary and maybe I would like to daily use it as well, but I need your help/expertise…

I only play mvc2. (sometimes ST/3S) but mainly mvc2. I really want this stick to perform like a MAS (happ/iL).

So far I have everything basically stock. I did change to:

“last 6 button” american style layout plexiglass from tek-innovations
"bat top" joystick top

What else do I need to do? I mean now it “looks” like a mvc2 stick but doesn’t play like it for shit.
I can’t do advanced tactics consistently and it generally has a weird feeling.


1.) A shorter throw (hard to do moves, I really have to ride the gate)
2.) Stiffer stick (feels flimsy)
3.) Better buttons (these sound so sensitive/hollow)

Has anyone done something like this successfully or is it just a pipe dream???
I like this stick because its dual modded out the box, easy to customize, nice case, looks good, etc…

Please recommend me whatever I need to have this playing like a MAS with happ/iL parts

Which spring, which gate, button options, etc…


Here’s a guide to compare might help I almost feel like I shouldn’t throw you any bones with those negative comments you made about Toodles stellar products


1.)You barely need to move a JLF to have it activate. There is no reason you need to ride the gate to hit any direction.
If you’re dead set on having a shorter throw, look into Seimitsu sticks, be warned that there are some downsides to switching to some of the seimitsu sticks, all covered in the seimitsu FAQ here on Techtalk.
2.)If you want a more tight spring, you just need to find a spring that will offer more tension. ParadiseArcade has/is going to be offering various jlf springs
3.)Better is really subjective here. There is actually nothing wrong with the Sanwa buttons. If you’re looking for less sensitive buttons, Seimitsu buttons are worth looking into.

Honestly- what it sounds like is what you want is a Happ/iL stick. You are not going to replicate this with sanwa/seimitsu buttons and sticks. They are different parts with vary different properties.


I dont know if it will fit into any japanese cases but recently, someone brought a Korean stick to one of our weekly gatherings and it felt as close to an American stick that I’ve ever felt. He said he got it from etokki and it even comes as a bat top. I think he said it’s the stick mainly used by Tekken players in Korea.


Thanks. That was very informative and helpful.

I don’t have anything negative to say about Toodles products. Don’t know why you brought that up.
About the korean stick (its the omni stick and I have been looking at that as well)

Any ideas on what gate to use and what gate is best???

I opened up my MAS and there is no gate. just the stick hitting the cherrys. Can I totally remove my gate and run it raw booty???


Happ/IL stick do not have gates stick restrictions are circular

Don’t use the term best most people use square buy a circle and oct gate and try both there cheap


Can I use this?

Myoungshin Fanta stick

or is that only compatible with korean sticks???


You could install it in a Mas stick not in a Japanese stick without heavy modification It’s only recommended to install them in one from


The closest stick to a happ that will fit is a JLW um 8 with the jlw circle gate, but you will have to convert the 5 pin wire harness to work with 4 switches.

Easier option is the ls-56-01. You will need the to replace th default vf mounting plate with a MS plate and ls-56 octogate accessory. The 5 pin harness makes this plug and play but is less happ/iL like.


Making a harness for a JLW isn’t that hard, but it’s still a bit of a pain. Probably the closest in terms of feel to a happ, but having played on both, it’s still close but no cigar


well, im just gonna buy a bunch of shit and mix and match…
just bought circle gate and octo gate
3 different type of springs
Actually, I don’t mind if it’s not like Happ, but I want to be able to do moves effortlessly.
For example: On my MAS, I can half ass a quarter circle and have my moves come out.
On this Qanba Q4raf JLF, I can’t do that. I have to really go through the motions and “ride” the lower edges of the stock square gate…


I just dont understand why you dont just get another MAS. If that’s what you like, screw everything else.

Im also having difficulty with the apparent contradictions:

Im not understanding what you mean there; the only conclusion Im taking is that because it requires less effort to move the stick, you dont trust the sturdiness of the product. It’s in your head, and practice will overcome that. It’s just a matter that you’re not used to it. You need to spend time with it, not spend money and messing with it.


I do want another MAS, but a full size 6 button is kinda hard to find. Even if I do, I will have to pay upwards of $175 to dual mod to PS3/360 because they only come in PS2/DC. They are a pain in the ass to customize if you can even attempt to do it…
I like the case/plexi options/out of the box dual mod/custom options on this new stick.
The contridiction isn’t really a contridiction. The MAS is stiffer (goes to neutral faster) and for some reason I don’t have to “ride” the motions, if that makes sense.
This stick is looser and I have to “ride” to gate restrictions to make sure stuff comes out.
I’m trying to get used to it or get it out of my head, but I beat upper level mvc2 competition so easy with my MAS, but I’m constantly missing combos, dhcs, infinite set ups trying to adapt to this stick. I’m even losing to mid-upper level players that I usually smoke 10-0…

I will take your advice though, currently practicing…


You dont have to purchase a MAS simple cases in the trader section plus other stick builders can make a stick that’s a lot nicer than a MAS for you american parts


i’ve been on happ(iL/MAS/whatever) since forever and been trying asian parts i can play like american on the side and i eventually settled with this:

-i bought a custom short shaft and larger actuator from kowal (check tech talk). i liked other tight sticks but preferred the layout of jlf switches vs levered ones, and it has a very easily moddable gate.
-i put an octo gate (youll get used to it) and bat top in it. you can still ride the edges with the actuator mod, find the diagonals easily if you mash it, and not screw up your qcf’s.
-i tried a tighter spring, but it’s a small form stick so it kinda hurt my performance, and the shortened throw makes it a near non-issue. woulda tried cherry switches cuz i like where they disengage, but i think the difference would be negligible to most people. i just think cherrys are better for double taps (i dont know the specific disengage pressure so that’s just a personal opinion).
-i cut my own american layout panel and plexi for the buttons.

as far as stock stuff i would rate my preferences sanwa JLW with bat top, then seimitsu LS-32/55, then korean (forget the model, but distant third and wasn’t sure of rubber tightness). i could get used to the TE rightmost buttons for straight layout, but i prefer oldschool straight layout (i get accidental p+k a lot without american layout spacing) which is hard to get retail without going heavily modded american case or custom top panel.

despite all that tho i still love the mas. i’ve had a similar quad mod setup for a long time and just messed around with a hybrid because i like modding and portable sticks. if you’re having the same doubts i was having about execution on american that i was i would suggest investing in a portable stand. it can be as simple as a heavy block with velcro for the stick and a mini grocery dolly thing (ghaleon*cough), or a fancy stand like that guy who makes the custom vewlix clones makes except put wheels on it. my only gripe with being an american stick player is that i feel like i’m at 80% on the floor or on a chair because i’m so used to american cabs. hope some of this helps.