Need advice on modding Fightstick Spring

Hello all, I need some help modding my MVC 3 TE stick, specifically the stick itself. A bit of background to explain what I am trying to accomplish… I grew up in arcades with (what I have recently learned to be) American style stick setups, ie. Bat top stick, and circle gate with a tight spring. When MVC 3 came out I made the decision to switch from pad to stick and started on modding the stick.

I have already modded my TE stick to have a circle gate and a bat top, but its still giving me some issues. The two major problems I have are that the bat top spins constantly while I am playing, which really throws off my execution. Is there any way to make it so the bat top doesn’t spin but just stays in place?

The other issue I am having is that the spring is way too loose for my liking. I found a tutorial on youtube on how to stretch out the spring to make it firmer, and that didn’t work, and I even went to Home Depot as I saw on old thread on Shoryken that they would have suitable replacement springs, but couldn’t find any. I know you can get replacement springs from Lizardlick (where I bought my gate and bat top), but don’t know which spring to order.

Anybody have any tips on these issues?

Thanks for your help.

Add a seimitsu LS-55 spring, combine it with jlf spring this will help.

Any tips on stopping the bat top from spinning?

It’s normal for it to spin I have never had an issue when in game play with bat top but everyones different. Sorry don’t know how to stop it from spinning.

You could do it but I can’t think of anyway that wouldn’t ruin the joystick for any further modifications though.

add an ls-33 spring.

is the battop not screwed on tightly? even american sticks spin…

Get some threadlock for the bat top, but then don’t expect for it to easily (if ever) come off if you want it to.