Need advice on parrying

I can parry fireballs ok, but with EX hadoukens for one thing, I have trouble.
I think the problem is that I don’t really understand how the parry system works.
I just tap forward “just before the fireball hits me”.
And that works fine, but with multiple-hits parrying, I don’t know how it works.
Often after parrying the first hit of EX hadouken, I just get hit by the second, I have parried the second a few times.
What I did was, just before the EX hit me, I tapped forward twcie quickly. Sometimes I parry both hits, sometimes just 1 and I get hit by the second.

So when I face multiple-hit attacks like the EX hadouken, Denjin, etc. I just tap forward rapidly, without thinking about the speed or pattern I tap forward.

I see people parrying multiple-hit attacks quite comfortably… like Ken’s Aerial EX Tatsu, Ken’s SA3, Dudley’s SA3, Denjins, etc, even Chun Li’s SA2.

But these attacks all have different speed right? Like Ken’s Air EX Tatsu hits pretty fast, so in theory, I would have to tap forward really fast right?
Dudley’s SA3 and Ken’s SA3 seems to me that it is slower hits, so do I tap forward slower?
Do people actually parry every hit by calculating when they need to tap forward?
But with Chun’s SA2. You would not be able to right…? I mean, the kicks are so rapid.

What I do when I face Denjin is just aim to parry the first hit. But instead of calculating when to parry at all, I just tap forward with no pattern, just as fast as I can. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt parry after the first hit.

What is the trick to doing those parries? I mean, the attacks have different speeds. Does everyone just tap forward rapidly for everything? Or does it stuff up if you tap “too quickly”. Any advice would be appreciated.

It’s all about timing. Once you practice enough, you get a good feel of when to press forward.

Go into training mode and watch the computer parry stuff. That will show you the timing of that particular move. Tapping twice rapidly will not get you two parries. You have to time it properly.
Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to return the joystick to neutral after every parry(if I’m wrong about this let me know).

All in all you need to practice. Timing is everything. Different moves have different timing.

OK… so since different moves need different timing to parry, it must be really hard parrying Chun Li’s SA2, I mean, it is so fast. And how about Ken’s Air EX Tatsu, its pretty hard to time. But yeah, can someone explain parrying Shinkuu Hadouken and also Denjin Hadouken? Because I can’t actually ‘see’ when the next hit will come, are they fast hits like Chun Li’s or slow like Dudley’s SA3?

Go into training mode and watch the computer do it. The parries aren’t actually that fast.
To parry the shinkuu hadouken and denjin hadouken you just have to get into the rhythm for it. Just watch the computer do it a few times then try it. You can’t see the next hit coming,but you can time it. Its really not hard at all once you put in a week or so of practice.

yeah, you don’t parry as fast as the multiple hitting move will hit you. when you parry, time sorta slows down for that moment. so it’s 1…2. not 1~2 like how the ex would actually hit you. that makes parrying come down to timing, not speed.

Would you guys advice learning how to parry… using the pad? I always get a little nervous when that Denjin comes, I parry the first hit, but my fingers just go kind of slow after that.

Just don’t be such a fucking scrub.

I learned to parry using a pad. It just took practice. I play on a stick now and find it much easier to do,but it still takes practice. I practice parrying everyday still.

THINK! while your at it think before posting. do you even read the forums or just post on them? there are threads for EVERYTHING you’ve ever asked.

seriously, listen to this guy, search the forums ur questions have already been asked plenty times…on topic parrying is practice, there’s no secret method and no other way to learn

I know this thread is one of many about parrying, but i’m not asking “how/where” do you parry and this thread was first I saw. My question is kinda about the timing/implementation of option select parries and fish parries in general, and the answer to this would explain a lot of the being able to be aggressive while option selecting parries and lack of actually seeing characters bouncing up and down I see when I watch high level vids.

I read that parries on the ground can only be implemented every 24 frames or so against ground attacks, and that’s what made me start thinking about how an option select parry could actually be used or a fish move could be used better. I always hear people say tap down than attack or tap forward than throw but I just seem to get hit a lot when I attempt such parries and I’ve always figured I was just kinda timing them bad than after hearing that I started thinking I might just not be doing them fast enough and shouldn’t give any actual pause time in between parries and attacks other than the time it takes me to input the command unless I want to do a standing attack and than it should be a very very brief pause like the time it takes the stick to get back to neutral or maybe pause than do the fish parry so their move has time to connect and get parried because if another parry cannot be inputted than assuming the motions don’t cause me to leave a neutral state or i’m not holding back where I’d block instead of parry than I’d have a brief parry window during my execution of each move. I just was curious if this is how it actually works.

So let’s say you do a hayate with Makoto and than immediately tap down just as it’s recovering than afterwards immediately buffer a Karakusa would you get a sloppy Blue parry if they attacked within 6 frames of you pressing down EVEN though your buffering a karakusa since it ignores your next parry attempt within 24 frames? So could you have a protected to lows window while buffering forward to down for 6 frames?

Or if you press cr. MK with Ken and after the cr. MK which you are at -4 disadvantage on you tap down than immediately tap down+MK again would you have a parry window inbetween the tap and the second down+MK assuming the down and MK were timed just slightly apart so you actually are holding down for a frame or 2 before tapping MK?

Edit: made it a bit more readable.

say what???

lol basically you can you press forward than press other directions and NOT lose your parry as long as you stay on the ground, I tweaked with it a bit and it seems you do keep the parry window just it’s a sloppy blue parry so it’s a shorter window.

It’s the same principle that allows the Yun SGGK with Zenpou (f, n, d, n, mk, b+MK) to work. I never knew this was true, Damn Oklahoma needs a larger scene so people can tell me stuff like this.