Need advice on purchasing arcade cab

So theres a local hobby shop selling a MvC2 machine and I’m about to fall into some free money and I have my hopes set on buying this thing. Apparently the store owners answer to some guy who gets off on selling retro stuff for mad prices (Sega nomad 199$?)

So his first asking price is 1000$ for the machine. I played it myself, the sticks are still good, but the monitor is a little dark and it blips and theres some weird flashing that happened while I was using it but it doesn’t make it unplayable, but I assume I’d have to replace the monitor eventually. So whats the average price for a non-specialty marvel cabinet? It doesn’t even have all the proper branding (much like most random cabinets the little stick-art insert is actually from ST) so I wanna offer… 800$

Too much, not enough?

That’s a freaking joke of a price, IMO. You can buy MvC2 board on ebay right now for $125 bucks (and that’s without looking hard). And you can sure as shit find a jamma cabinet with a non-defective monitor for less than $875. Considering a good new monitor can run $300-600 dollars I’d whack that off their asking price and call it a starting point and try to work them down from there.

$1000, hell even $800 is really High. I’d start at $700 and work down.

Well, we’re working in CAN dollars.

Not that theres a huge difference at the moment…

I agree what the others say. I’d actually look into getting a candy cab and from there just buy the game of your choice on ebay. This will save you tons of headaches down the road should you need to start replacing parts. $1000 is way too much money for and old cab with a dying screen. Check here for starters I am not affiliated with the owner of that site in any way. As a matter of fact I just discovered these candy cabs about 2 weeks ago and have been hooked ever since.

The Astro Cities are sweet.