Need Advice On Swapping Buttons

So I just got a MvC2 TE fight stick for ps3. I don’t like the buttons cause they are just too sensitive for me. I often find myself pressing them on accident. I have a stick I built years ago that uses happ buttons which I like cause I can feel them click when I press them. I don’t care for the noise they make though (I feel like I’m ringing a bell when I press them), and I also don’t like the size and shape of the button compared to the sanwa. So basically I’m looking for something that has the shape of the Sanwa buttons, and the feel of the Happ buttons but not as noisy.

I realize what I’m asking for may not exist, but if anyone can suggest a compromise I would be grateful. I would also like to know a good place to purchase the buttons and an octagonal gate. It’s been over 5 years since I have done a mod and I just don’t remember where I bought from. Thanks.

seimitsu buttons, they are flat, they are harder than sanwa get it at or i use them over sanwa because i dont like soft

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Thanks! Is there a particular kind? Or are all seimitsu buttons the same?

the product number is ps14-some code it will have colour variation such as pearl or transperant blah blah blah.

also if you dont like the joystick which you mentioned you like happs, you can get a seimitsu ls32-01 with circle gate

i currently use a sanwa jlf with bat top, ls33 spring, and eczangief gate, it is a very happ-like experience (no pun), i got an ls32 on the way will put results here for you to compare

Thanks a bunch for your help. I will stick with the sanwa stick though. I love sanwa’s sticks, it’s just the buttons I’m not fond of.

I personally like the PS-14-G but they’re flat. If you want the same shape as the Sanwa try the PS-14-GN or KN (transparent).


Sanwa Buttons.
Use Microswitch in style of Happ.

whoa thats huge jdm. does that clear low profile cases? i modded a te r1 yesterday and from fresh memory the qd have very little clearance alredy

Would have to remove that barrier thing inside TE Case to fit.
You know, cut that plastic thing inside.

The stock Quick Disconnects of TE will not fit the Terminals on Sanwa OBS-30A.
Would need to use .187" Quick Disconnects.
Stock is .110" Size.

So modify that too.

Well I decided on the PS-14-KN. Hopefully these will be to my liking. I’m not very picky when it comes to buttons. If the sanwa’s weren’t so damn sensitive I would keep them. But I have to draw the line when I’m making accidental buttons presses so frequently.

Anyhow, seeing as how I’ve been getting such fine help so far I might as well ask more questions. I bought this stick with the intention of dual modding but after some research realized that it’s not nearly as easy as I hoped it would be. Anyone know someone who would be able to do this for me? (preferably someone in the Dallas, TX area so I don’t have to bother with shipping) I got the PS3 version of the stick btw.


the easiest way to dual mod is to use paewang revolution chip at you just connect the wires to the button, u do have to solder, but its not like chimp forward and back wiring.

You could use what jdm714 has linked you, but its still Sanwa. Your other choice is Seimitsu. IIRC, you have to shave down a little bit of the mounting nut so it can fit if you buy the screw-in’s. If you happen to find the snap-in’s for Seimitsu, you’re good to go.

That paewang revolution chip does look like an easy solution, but wouldn’t I lose the ability to switch the stick from being Right Stick, Left Stick or D-Pad? Anyhow, I’m really thinking I just want someone else to do this for me. I have only ever built one stick and it was using a Dual Shock 1 pcb that didn’t require any soldering. Plus I had help from an experienced modder.

how does a ds1 not require solder? sounds interesting link anyone? as for a joystick with fighting games, wot is analogue sticks for?

Post on the Trading Forum, list what you are willing to pay.

I tried to take a picture but I can’t seem to get it to transfer from my phone to my pc. But basically it had a thing towards the top of the PCB that I could plug wires straight into. I only had to solder to the buttons. As for the analog sticks I just like having the option. What if I download a game on PSN, but it only allows the use of a analog stick? Sure it probably won’t happen, but I would rather not scrap a feature like that.

EDIT: Ok, I’ll make a post on the trading forum.

Like sometimes people do not read my Posts.

Holy Crap! Sorry I missed that. Spiffyshoes was actually the guy who helped me with my last stick. I ordered a custom stick from him once online. Found out he lived close to me so I decided to pick it up in person. Turns out he was someone I went to high school with. So then I get him to help me make another stick. Haven’t spoken to him in like 5 years. Last I heard he didn’t mod shit for people anymore.