Need Advice on TE Problem

My TE fightstick has been partially broken since last year. If I recall the RT first stopped working, then the LB went, and just yesterday the A button stopped too. I called MadCatz about this and they said they would send me a new PCB and now a year later… I called again about a month ago, and they were still out of stock??? Just called now and yet again.

So what should I do: send it in to MadCatz (though they still don’t have it), keep waiting, or buy some PCB by myself and try to fix it (I’ve never modded any fightstick before, though I’ve been told it’s easy)?

P.S. … or demand gold fighstick as compensation?:clown:

The TE’s PCB is easy enough to replace. All you have to do is unhook the wiring harnesses, and then stick it into the new PCB. Only tough thing might be the annoying glue they put on the harnesses. Comes off easy enough, but it’s just slightly annoying. If they send you a replacement, it’ll be cheaper than getting one from someone else, so keep pestering! But sending it in will work, too. If they don’t try to tell you it’s no longer under warranty. Which could be annoying.

No all that easy because of the USB.
It is soldered to PCB.

Shoot. You’re always going to catch my follies. I feel like anytime I post something, you’ll find that one simple mistake or detail I forget >_>.

It’s a good thing, though. Thanks for doing it, and I don’t mean to be mean or harsh to you! You are cool person! You got the sengster plushies! XD

I’m sorry. :shake:
I won’t make Post in Thread which you answer anymore.

No, no, no! I’m glad you do! I’m just frustrated at myself. Please excuse my rudeness! You’re really helpful, and I’m learning from all my mistakes! I’m just a bit frustrated at being wrong so much! Besides, if he had listened to me, he’d have opened up his case, seend the USB wires, ahve voided his warranty, and it’d have been my fault!

Lol, you two are funny.

I like the last option the best… get that Gold!

And if that doesn’t work, you can always get a new TE PCB, then get a TEasy and Dual Strike board.
That way, you can have a solderless dual mod and not have to worry about the USB cable.
(This is assuming you have a 360 TE)

There is one way to not have to desolder the USB from PCB though.
That is to make a big hole through the storage compartment to just pull out the USB cable, leaving intact to PCB.

Then if replacement PCB has USB attached, just put through the hole.
Though USB will not be attached to PCB from Mad Catz.
Someone from SRK probably will do that though.

Upas, he does have Xbox 360 PCB.
Be mentioned LB ant RT and A.
PlayStation 3 not have those.

They ship you a new PCB and a USB cable detached. Have to solder the USB to the board. Had to do this to a “launch day” Round 1. They shipped the stuff fast when I did it last year.

Ah man, I never soldered anything before… I’m not even sure if I have the tools for it.

Do the TEasy and Dual Strike Board mean that I can have 360 and PS3 compatibility? It would be cool if I could some how get Wii compatibility too for TvC, not sure if that is possible though.

Things just seem like it will be easier to send it in, but then I’m not sure if I will get it back ever. “We have yours on a list.”

Will they still fix it a year later? Had a friend of mine get told it was out of warranty and they would not a few months back.

YEs, a TEasy and Dual Strike board will let you have a dual mod :smiley:

How could they not, I called about it a month after the problems happened, they are the ones that didn’t send the PCB for a year now.

Call and get an estimate on their repair time. If you send it in, they might be able to switch out the PCB and the control box. IIRC the TE-S have a pin layout difference in the cable connection between the control box and PCB which may be why they cannot just ship you one of those to use. I doubt they still make R1/R2 PCBs. They may be able to pop in TE-S box and board instead of needing to have R1 PCB.