Need advice on whats better. madcatz te stick or this custom fight stick


hey guys. I have the option of getting a TE stick, or go get a custom stick from arcade power. I know TE stick is highly rated by the community, but what do u think of these custom sticks? Arcade power makes them wireless or wired and uses sanwa parts.

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thanks for anyhelp


They’re both the same. Buy both. Keep one at home and take the other on the road with you.


go with the custom if you have the money, they use a pad for the PCB and i think the TE PCB lags just a bit (if what i’ve been reading around here is right)


Really? You’re gonna pay $200 for those?
IMO they barely pass as “custom sticks” aside from the fact that you can put custom art and button layout. The box design is so outdated while I think it’s a given why wired sticks are more popular.

Qanba makes the same styled line of sticks for half the price which includes plexi-glass(same wood box style and Sanwa parts with Vewlix button layout). Don’t underestimate Qanba sticks, their Q series sticks are far superior to TE and HRAP sticks at competitive price.


Please could you point us to a link where it says that? That is news to me…


Or where the Q series are far superior to TE and HRAP sticks?


Those Quanba sticks look like trash, IMO. The push buttons aren’t even correctly lined up.


It’s a matter of opinion but even Qanba sticks aside, I would take a HRAP V series or a TE series over the custom stick OP posted simply because of the price difference and the form factor. I could grab myself a new set of buttons or a new stick for parts customization.

To my own preference, I prefer a heavier, sturdier type of stick. The Q series weigh up to 10lbs and have a thick piece of plexi-glass over the metal plate to keep it quiet when tapping on the buttons.


So u guys really think I should just go with the te stick?
I was really thinking about the arcade pro custom stick.
It looks good and feels good too.

Any reason u dont like the board design guys?


Looks like an XArcade
I can make a better fucking case than that…

and the TE pcb lags, by an unoticable amount compared to a hori vx pcb


Xarcade don’t use Sanwa parts right?
The fight stick I posted uses all snawa parts and the board is all wooden.
So it looks really nice and feels solid too.

Is there a reason you guys prefer wired over wireless?
He charges more for wireless.


wired = tournament use


Hurm… are you connected with the company by any chance? If you know it “feels good” and “looks good” then why are you asking for the opinions of people here? At the end of days it’s down to individual preference.


te stick, easier to mod and make customized art


This thread feels like a troll to me



Hey guys. NO i am not connected to the company. lol
Its just that I was honestly about to order that stick. The guy takes 2 weeks or so to build it.

That was untill I started posting here. You guys gave me some excellent information and I thank you for it. I think one main reason, i liked his sticks were because of the custom art… yes stupid… i know…

I have a TE Stick now. Im gonna get some help to change the art on it now.


I believe the word you are looking for is “shill”.

A troll would be more abusive; e.g. “I heard buying a Toodles product makes you lame, is that true?”


this is so much an advertisement thread too bad the product they are advertising is complete trash


Those customs look absolutely terrible. Someone send madcatz that link imo; Fight Stick is their brand.


Worked at Gamestop, heard many complaints about Madcatz items in general. Can’t say specifically about the sticks though.