Need advice Ps2 VGA

I have a slim ps2 with a matrix infinity chip.
The chip allows direct output through a VGA cable.

However I am having a hard time finding one.

What I want to know is if its possible to make one?
Or if not where the hell do you get them from.



Superb. Thats everything right there :slight_smile:

Theres a vga box on pa but you need a usb->dc adapter.

Do you mean this one: Multi VGA Box?

With a VGA cable you can get progressive scan through RGB.

This is a bit shameless, but I’ve got som lm1881n chips here is anyone needs em for cutsom ps2 vga cables:

or do what i do.

regular component cable->system selector box->component to vga cable

total cost-$20 and no wiring. and of course set the ps2 to rgb.

Ok so I have the Linux kit now.
I have my matrix infinity set to VGA and the official VGA adapter connected to my monitor.
All I get is a black screen.
I dont even get audio.

Any advice :slight_smile:

Your monitor must support sync-on-green or you have to modify the cable with a sync separation circuit. Not getting any audio indicates something else is probably fucked up though… as I recall the forced VGA mode is unfortunately far from foolproof.

OK audio is working after all,
So what are my options to get the video working?

Field Value
Monitor Properties
Monitor Name CTX S960A,S961A,S962A [NoDB]
Monitor ID CTX4005
Model CTX S960A
Manufacture Date 2003
Serial Number None
Max. Visible Display Size 38 cm x 31 cm (19.3")
Picture Aspect Ratio 5:4
Horizontal Frequency 30 - 80 kHz
Vertical Frequency 59 - 75 Hz
Gamma 2.20
DPMS Mode Support Active-Off

This is the monitor I would like to use.

Would this be any better?

thats the one it works for me

^the above vga box just upconverts. would defeat the purpose of what you’re doing.

1.have you tried playing a game? if so, try several. some games aren’t going to work in vga.

*and if his monitor wasn’t sog the picture would just be green. at least, all my monitors work that way.

2.perhaps you need to set the ps2 to output rgb?

  1. make sure your model is sync on green.

you might want to try the xploder disk. a quick google search reveals it’s more compatible. i use it. it works for most of my games. also, it removes the need for a sync on green monitor. you can find compatibility lists online i believe.

im using it to play in 60hz i connect via s-video/rgb cable->box->monitor and it works fine for me

And does it require sync on green?

i just pressed the source button and magic happened

What monitor do you have?
Whats the picture quality like?
I might well get one whilst I save for an xrgb3

its an old 19" monitor and i think its ok, i jsut need to fiddle with some monitor settings

Ok. A lot of older monitors support sync on green.

Again, your situation is totally different as you are simply up-scanning a low resolution interlaced signal. What Laurie assumedly wants to is a native high resolution signal all the way with the increase in picture quality it’d bring.