Need Advice SSFIV:AE

I pertty much went through the basics already. I just need some advice for these problems.

  1. When I’m cornered and on the ground, everytime I get up I get specialed back down.
  2. I was playing training mode and everyttime I try to do a move, the CPU sends back an Ultra. My hit didn’t even go through.
  3. I want to know when is the right time that I can use an Ultra. My reactions are not that fast for me to Ultra right after an opponent attacks.

If it helps, I’m playing with a PS3 controller, on PC, and I use Cody as a character.

  1. Need a better explanation what this is supposed to mean. General note: Getting out of the corner is difficult, particularly for someone with poor defensive options like Cody.
  2. In training mode the CPU usually does nothing. Not sure what you mean.
  3. Usually you Ultra either as a punish to high recovery moves (eg Shoryuken) or as part of a combo. Also here: Depends on the Ultra.

If you have a good keyboard, I’d advise to use that rather than the PS3 controller (Buttonbinds in Hitbox format, eg W=Left;E=Down;F=Right;Space=Jump / Numpad 456789 for attacks)

  1. Block until your opponent pushes themself far back enough that you are safer to try and get out or fight back. Sometimes a focus attack, throw, or neutral jump is what you need to do. Above all, be patient. It’s ok to block for a long time under pressure until you spot a mistake. Avoid getting cornered, be smart about what direction you throw the opponent.

  2. Turn off infinite/regenerating meter. The CPU is Super/Ultra crazy.

  3. Use ultra to punish high recovery moves, after landing a focus attack crumple (remember to dash out of your focus attacks), or by comboing into your Ultra if possible. Don’t use your ultra as a “guessing” tactic, it’s not worth the risk. Your objective isn’t to get lucky and win random games, its to win ALL the time, is it not? Leave as little to chance as possible.

Further explaination

  1. Actually you answered my question. I generally wanted to know how to get out of the corner. But I also wanted to know that if I am cornered and my opponent is doing nothing but specials and I get back in the corner.

  2. I changed the training options to have the CPU attack based on difficulty setting. But if it helps, it happens when I play online a lot too.

I do have a keyboard, but I want to get used to a controller because my friemds have the game on either XBOX 360 or PS3.

  1. Most specials are unsafe on block so you can punish your opponent for doing “nothing but specials”. Alternatively you can read his pattern and Ex Zonk (hold 2 punches for a while, then release them) through whatever he does. The best general plan is to not get into the corner in the first place.
  2. Ah, okay. Yeah, that’ll be the fault of infinite meter. Online it can’t really happen unless your opponent is craaaazy and just guess-ultras.

The controller thing makes sense. Go with that, then. Just remember to use the DPad over the AnalogStick.

Btw since you’re playing on PC, you can drop your Tag here and we can play some matches if you want to.