Need advice/tactics for tourneys

Okay i’ve decided to go to TOSF 4 (first tourament :smiley: ) and i wanted to use Remy as one of my characters. Now all I ever get to play with my Remy are shoto scrubs/newbs at the arcade or the computer at home so iam askin for some advice/tactics from you remy experts out there on things like what SA is best, things to abuse/not abuse, keep away or rushing that shit down etc etc

so with your daily contribution of a tactic and or advice you can help a Remy rookie like me out. Your help will make a difference

(ya i know i know that was lame :smiley: )

falling short with the cold blue kicks makes excellent bait (if they block it becomes much less effective). Also, cross up with it and bust a combo if you can. The second super gives you many opportunities to link (close, standing mk), and provides fuel for remy throwing out all those ex lights of virtue and flash kicks. If you’re unsure when a flash kick will connect, lead it with two jabs–that’ll give you time to react… and the two jabs also works for the super.

Abuse the jumping fierce, but mix up the timing so they don’t parry it. If you use the crouching fierce, try to bait them into committing to an air attack so that you’ll guarantee the hit. The earlier you hit, the easier it will be to juggle with a cold blue kick (and a rage flash, if they’re in the corner. Otherwise, just go straight into the rage flash).

If you trap them in the corner, remember remy has a very good kara throw (mp or hk). Also, when you anticipate their jumps, use the far, standing strong to get them early when they try to escape the corner. His low mk is slow enough to be a good enough bait, but be careful because it’s also slow enough to get punished.

The general strategy the japanese use is to keep away, but if you get an opportunity to get them in the corner, become extremely aggressive and mix up the overheads and throws.

His standing lk is a good poke.

don’t mean to be rude


READ everything in here from the beginning!

remy tactics :smiley:

I actually prefer SA I. Most say SA II is better. Especially if you’re new you may want to use SA I as its safer and can be comboed easily against shotos and chunli just has trouble with Alex and Elena.

Remember the best combo if you are capable of doing it is jumpin and really late fierce punch then crouching fierce and then follow it up with something - flash kick, punch, anything…

good combo is -> lk.flashkick you can jump in empty and get it off or poke your way in

don’t use his overhead to much because its way to slow

never taunt with remy

oh and in a corner remember after an uppercut you can throw at your super and a second one if you’ve got it.

after a s.throw in a corner you can flashkick (charge down while doing the throw)

um just remember to mix it up and you’ll do fine

thanx sleipnir and closet remy…appreciate the advice
and lotus…FUCK YOU! :smiley: playin playin…ya man i’ve read everything at least 2,3 times in the remy section but i figured what ppl do during casual play would differ (especially the risky stuff) from tourney play so thats why i posted the thread.

a couple of Q’s

-sleipner when you say do a SA 1 after and uppercut do you mean remy’s close standing fierce?

  • iam not sure about the difference in damage (gonna check it out after this pos) but isnt SA 1 a better super to use? sure you get a bit more meter with 2 but i find SA 1 one is safer because if you close and they block the super you can always follow up with another move/special while a whiffed/blocked 2 leaves you wide open. Also i find 1 easier to connect in the corner once you neutral grab your opponents and if you time it right you can whiff some of the booms and follow with a roundhouse RRF which does more damage. But what you guys think?

  • lastly i was planning on using Alex as my main char. and Remy for the faster chars like ibuki, chun, and the twins. HOw does Remy fair against those them?

The reason I prefer super 2 is because it can link off of some very useful normals. For example, something to try if you think your opponent will try to throw you or something on wakeup is to dash in and do the close, standing forward, then if it hits, you have enough time to think so that you can execute the super at the end of the animation and still connect it. The trick to never being vulnerable is to never guess with the super, unless your opponent is within cheaping life or something. Train yourself to only use it after parries or in combos and it won’t disappoint you. I’m not saying anything bad about super 1, mind you.

Ibuki you shouldn’t have too much trouble with, just remember that most ibuki players are TOTALLY offensive, so slip in the crouching fierce when they jump at you, and when you anticipate their jump, go for the jumping fierce. Also, exploit remy’s long-range attacks liek the far, standing forward and the crouchign forward.

For chun li, her pokes are ten times better than yours, at least priority-wise, so just be patient and wait for an opening. A lot of what will happen is they’ll go for several low pokes and do a universal overhead, and then maybe jump in for a difficult-to-parry forward kick. If you get them in the corner, they’ll throw out the coruching forward hoping it’ll connect so they can link into super. Be mindful of that.

As for the twins, I haven’t perfected any tactics specifically against them, but use remy’s kara throws a LOT with them.

thanx man

anyone got anything else?

hmmm for wakeups for opponents.

stand sweep distance in front of the guy… shake the controller back and forth so remy looks like he’s walking back and forth…

and when he’s getting up… press HP :lol: :lol:
Don’t abuse it though…

another thing is stand right next to him and when he gets up, dodge back and HP! :lol:

the shaking back and forth of the controller is to like keep em guessing just what the hell you’re trying to do…

lotsa damage for free… Remy’s HP is really strong but slow… so this is one of the things i noticed in some videos it’s good for… beats shoryukens… and stuff but watch out for super wakeups

I think remy fights better in a hit and run style

that’s the name of the game

  1. dont try and throw all the time, only try and throw when they r recovering from a move and u can do some throw combo on them off the wall

  2. instead of teching throws, CBK

  3. u must overhead, if your using a d pad like the dreamcast controller… like the ppl i saw at the orlando tourny recently make sure your able to do UOH whenever u can… IMHO over head mix up is more important to Remy players than thowing. mix up both overheads

  4. once chun li has a sa2 stored dont throw LOV’s, and try and keep in the air either CBK or jumping, when u parry the low forward dont retaliate unless u r close enough that your touching her sprite… do low forward to sneak in damage under her moves.

  5. when someone crosses up on u(ken) do standing fierce punch, after it hits and there flipping out to the ground u can cancel it into a EX LOV or a LK CBK to get closer

  6. dont be afraid to jump in a fierce punch randomly most players forget about the whole jump in combo strat and always just jump in doing nothing so they can throw once they land

  7. your jump in do nothing strat should translate to once u land do a CBK, if they jump in and do nothing while in the air do a CBK once they land

  8. if they jump in doing nothing walk back a tad and throw out a st. or cr. LK into EX LOW LOV or SA1 or SA2 (safe to do SA1 dont do SA2 unless they missed an attack coming it)

9.keep moving, never walk forward, always be dashing even if u cant charge or dont know how to keep your charge just try and keep moving

  1. try not using roundhouse CBK, all 3 CBK’s do the same damage but forward CBK is the best because it is th easiest to juggle afterwards (u can EX RRF in the corner after it for both hits to end juggle) plus it only has like 1 more frame of recovery from LK CBK

  2. throw LOW LOV’s to chase after them, HIGH LOV r risky cus they can duck and sweep u while dash up… but if u r across the screen and u know they’ll do this dash once after it and then LK CBK to nail them while they sweep

  3. if u know how to do rapid fire use SA2 cus u’ll have more bar for block damage

  4. parry bait LP LOV and throw them while they parry it, MP kara throw safest

  5. sometimes u can RRF them after they ground parry your jumping fierce

  6. if they air parry anything make sure u cancel the anti air into CBK so if they do hit back u’ll only be hit once (u’ll be the air) and if they tried to throw u get free damage

  7. cancel into CBK while u rush them, cr. or standing LP, MP, LK or st. HP

  8. NEW stuff… after hitting with standing foward the end part where remy is about put his leg down can be canceled into a dash or CBK or super

  9. read everything that remy stryker has posted on SRK

i’m a bi polar Remy player

ibuki has two fighting styles i’ve seen so far…

rush and run away

run away is hard to catch up with cus of the knifes… the crouching forward also has u hopping over it with CBK and UOH

if u jump trying to chase dont jump with fierce immediately put an empty parry motion in the air fierce

ibuki and akuma has the same run away strat from remy, basically your dashing twice under them to catch up after they threw there air projectile, make sure when u catch up to them its before they land…

throw LOW LOV’s mid screen from ibuki and farther away cus of her sneaky EX slide she can pull out as soon as u throw one HIGH LOV.

she jumps in dont wait to anit air her jump in with her and decide to parry or air fierce… mix up that half way between dash unders and st. normal anti airs…

chun li

for chun just rush her ass down with LOW LOV, crouch forward, and sweep her after she misses a fierce… wait till she does her special overhead then parry and cr. fierce it

yun and yang

cr. fierce them after u block a dive kick or throw them if they dived in and u blocked it really high, they might try jumping up again for another, red parry the shoulder charge after yuns chain and then cr. fierce, red parry last hit of mp, hp, back and hp chain…

they dive kick u jump up and fierce them and juggle with RRF or CBK

at a distance u can st. fierce them, and try out your cr. strong and st. forward canceled into CBK or a dash in for a throw or a CBK

lots of good strats and info everdred …thanx

iam gonna re-read the threads and if i got any more q’s i’ll most up