Need advice to help a friend

So I’ve been playing Mvc3 for a while now. I hang out with a friend almost everyday. Unfortunately he has a rather bad rage problem. he can’t stand losing to anyone at anything. I try to teach him how to “otg” wall bounce, combos, team synergy, assits, all that stuff. But he just refuses to listen and won’t even try to learn air combos cause " Its not fair when a guy could just rape you in he air and have no way to counter it so. I might aas well make a ******* sandwich" anyway I can go about this. Btw he plays blazblue alot but i beat him anyways, even though I never play it.

You don’t waste your time with people like that, seriously. If they don’t want to learn then there’s nothing to do.

sounds like your friend would be happier playing against the CPU and just be happy with the idea that he is awesome at the game. id just leave him to his world tbh. not much you can do with people like that if he thinks hes too good to be taking tips.

You know what Evilweevle, while i was try to reply I thought about your message. Your right! I know what to do

Make him play Wolverine/Wesker/Akuma.

He’ll be winning tournaments in no time.

I have friends who do similar things.It usually happens with people where fighting games just really aren’t for them,they have it stuck in their head that combos and juggles are “cheap”.Honestly,there isn’t really much you can do to convince them otherwise.It might just be best to let him be.

I demand gameplay footage and rage quit recording

If he’s refusing to learn anything and has the “I can’t be bothered” attitude, then forget about helping him. He’s not even interested in fighting games, he picked it up because it was the latest flashy disposable fad his buddies are playing and he’ll be back to CoD or Battlefield towards the end of the year.

lol, he doesn’t play cod or bf, but he plays fighters all the time, like SF4 and BB-CS but he still can’t beat me at them, even though I never really play Street fighter 4, with the exception of 3rd strike, which he really gets butthurt about. He puts in hours of gameplay to blazblue, he knows combos with his best characters and such, but I still beat him. I think maybe i should let him beat me in bb and sf4.

Well he needs a reality check one way or another. If he can’t accept that OTG’s and air combos are a part of the game’s mechanics, tell him to go play Smash and ban everything he doesn’t like.

You can’t help those who don’t want help themselves. Its a futile effort. Trust me.

Kinda confusing, really, if he knows combos for his characters in BlazBlue, where like, 75% of the combos involve air combos at one point or another.

he says that its cool cause you can burst out of those, like if you get hit with a combo you can just press a button and get out

ryu only, no hadoken, no aircombos… training stage

Er…yeah. Twice in the entire match, you can get out, at the cost of much greater chance of a guard break. That’s TOTALLY what makes them okay. :wink:

Introduce him to CoD.

I think you should give him a massive reality check by using everything he apparently can’t defend against until he gives up FGs for good. He is a very bad example of a gamer and we don’t need more idiots like this in the FG community. I don’t even understand how a friend can get so aggro when their buddy wins, sounds like a selfish asshole.

Learn Dante and make him break his controller.

oh I already know how to use dante